Generic Levitra ED Pills – Vardenafil’s Interaction

Vardenafil is the main drug in Generic Levitra, a medication that is approved by the FDA, and being sold to men to help treat their erectile dysfunction. Generic Levitra (Vardenafil) works by stimulating the flow of blood to the penis. Vardenafil inhibits the PDE5 enzyme, allowing the cGMP in a man’s system to open up the blood vessels, letting blood flow to the penis to create a long lasting and hard erection throughout sexual stimulation. , taken 30 minutes prior to sexual activity can last in the system for up to five hours.

Find out more about cheap Generic Levitra and it’s interaction with other medication! Before taking Generic Levitra, if you are on other medication, speak to your primary care physician to research if any of your current medication adversely reacts with Generic Levitra. This is a short list of medications that react negatively with Generic Levitra.

One medication that should not be taken in conjunction with Generic Levitra are nitrate medication. Nitrates are prescribed to people suffering from chest pains and heart problems. The mixture of Generic Levitra and nitrates can lead to a fluctuation in your blood pressure, namely a decrease in blood pressure, causing a condition known as hypotension. Medical professionals would tell you not to mix the medications, but if you do decide to take them both, they recommend waiting between 48 hours between mixing medications.

Other medications that should not be mixed Generic Levitra include alpha blockers, antihypertensive, some antacids, HIV medications, and aspirin. All have adverse effects when mixed and can cause a decrease in blood pressure.

If you decide to take Generic Levitra, you should lower your consumption of alcohol, if not cut it out of your diet altogether. Alcohol is another PDE5 inhibitor. When these two PDE5 inhibitors are combined in your system, it can increase the likelihood of hypotension in your system, and increase the probability of decreased blood pressure and heart rate, dizziness, and headaches.

If you are not on these medications, you can buy safely Generic Levitra online. Buying Generic Levitra online is fast and efficient. Online professional pharmacists are available 24 hours to answer any of your questions about Generic Levitra. Buying Generic Levitra online guarantees you a sense of confidentiality that you will not get going to your local doctor.