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Zombie Apocalypse
By Randal M. Bundy
Zombie Apocalypse - By Randal M. Bundy
I know exactly what you're thinking, either Bundy has finally run out of "Serious Topics" to write about or he has finally lost his mind and gone completely insane.  

However to my critics I am sorry to have to break the news that I am still in full control of my mental faculties and on the subject of  "Serious Topics"  well what more serious subject could anyone contemplate than the posibility of some type of new or old virus that attacks certain sections of the Human Brain and
renders that person to stumbling about,  growling and attacking people and try to eat them.   The thought to me is actually spine chilling and the subject of what real nightmares and Hollywood Movies are made of.
However I am absolutely serious about this subject and although this scenario may not manifest as Hollywood portrays it in movies, the symptoms would be very similar to what we see in those Hollywood movies.  Some rare viruses could very well render a sector of the population to display these same symptoms.  The resulsts of which could be rightfully be called a Zombie Apocalypse or at least be considered a very dangerous and frightening Zombie Nuisance.  What most people do not know is that it has actually occurred before at various times through out history.  Consider also that in the United States in the early part of the 1600's when it was still a colony of England in there was the phenominon of the Salem Witch Trials where children and adults had been charged with Witchcraft due to their weird behavior displayed.  We now know that their behavior and halucinations had been brought on by a particular type of mold which formed on bread.  What is also something similar happened in which a virus would attack the brain or perhaps a mold could cause the destruction of the brain and consider if perhaps it mutated with airborne capabilities to spread.  

Imagine one day waking up from a pleasant restful sleep and you fix a morning cup of coffee and you go out on your porch to enjoy the morning sun.  The day seems like every other day except that you get this strange feeling, this uneasiness of something is just not right, something is wrong.  Your life from this moment on will never be the same. 

We have all read the reports of strange attacks by people who neighbors and family say were normal one minute and suddenly they became like wild animals attacking for no reason, growling like a wild animal and eating the flesh of their victims.  In one case in Miami, Florida a man , suddenly is seen on a security surveillance camera completely naked and attacking a homeless man on a bridge in broad daylight and eating the mans face.  Cannibalism or Zombie Attack?  The police report shooting the man in the body area, perhaps chest area and he just turns and looks at the police officer and growls like an angered animal and continues to eat the victim's face.  Only when the Zombie Man is shot in the head does his attack stop as the zombie is dead.

At first the police and officials do try to pass it off by claiming the Zombie like man was high on a synthetic drug known as Bath Salts.  However this later turns out to be false as their were no drugs found in the Zombies system.  Later the Zombie man's family and police report absolutely no history of drug abuse and the attacker was know to be a very pleasant and well tempered youth.  After that the entire incident just goes completely silent in the Miami and National News.  Some government agency obviously paid a lot of money to make this matter just disappear as though it never happened.

However the incident in Miami is certainly NOT just an isolated incident.  In fact these types of Zombie Type Reports have been occurring through out the entire world.  I have eliminated any non-related reports of serial killers who were cannibals and ate their victims as they did not show any signs of Zombie Type Symptoms.  In fact the cannibalism type of serial killer does occur and although they are truly monsters in their own right, it is an entirely different matter than the Zombie Type of Attacks that are on the rise.

I will highlight some of the incidents that I have been able to find out details of below, including some from history.  Please take not of the above video in which describes the sudden Zombie type phenomenon which occurred in England after a asteroid fell upon the city of London.

Real medical conditions
that can make a person appear to be Zombie Like

01 - Sleeping sickness
Sleeping sickness is the stuff nightmares are made of. The headline of this BBC News article from 2005 pretty much says it all: "The disease that makes people zombies." Prevalent in Africa, sleeping sickness is caused by the parasite Trypanosoma brucei and transmitted by the tsetse fly.

progression of the disease
"At first it will cause headaches, aching muscles and maybe itching. But in the late stages, when the parasites have invaded the brain, the signs become more obvious and ominous. Victims find it hard to concentrate. They become irritable, their speech is slurred and they stop eating. Their daily rhythm becomes disrupted to such an extent that they can't sleep at night and find it almost impossible to stay awake during the day. It even becomes very hard for them to do simple mental tasks, such as drawing a straight line. This is an infection that carries nightmarish qualities, reducing many of its victims to a zombie-like state before they go into a coma and die. Those that do survive can be left with irreparable brain damage."

02 - Rabies
Rabies can, under certain conditions, approximate some of the conditions of the zombie lust for brains. The rabies virus causes massive inflammation, or swelling, of the brain, and it's most often transmitted by bites from infected animals. About 55,000 people die annually from rabies, with almost all of these deaths occurring in Asia and Africa. Although vaccines do exist they have to be administered before the onset of symptoms if the patient is to survive.

Again, the symptoms of rabies sound rather like those of the walking dead: full or partial paralysis, mental impairment, agitation and strange behavior, mania, and finally delirium. Additional symptoms of rabies are dislike of ‘bright lights’ and a fear of water. Have you ever watched the Movie with Will Smith, ‘I am Legend‘ the zombie-like creatures in the movie dislike both of these things.  Rabies is also transmitted via bodily fluids, bites etc and due to the virus making the individual increasingly aggressive, the symptoms of rabies seem to be more like a Hollywood zombie than you probably previously thought.  Rabies is, however, highly fatal so the virus would need to mutate in a way that would make it less fatal, so that it could cause a ‘zombie-like’ outbreak.

03 - Necrosis
From the Greek word meaning "death", specifically those of individual groups of cells before the organism as a whole dies. This isn't technically a disease but rather a condition with a lot of different possible causes. Cancer, poison, injury, and infection are all possible causes of premature cell death.

If we're being super-literal about what the walking dead really are, then a patient with necrotic tissue is maybe the closest equivalent. After all, a patient suffering from necrosis technically is partially dead, albeit still very much alive in all the important areas (the brain, the heart, and the rest of the vital organs, for a start) that we generally associate with the living.

The dead tissue stops sending signals to the nervous system, and necrotic cells can release dangerous chemicals that hurt nearby, still healthy cells. If the lysosome membrane inside the cells is damaged, enzymes can be released that can also harm surrounding cells.

This chain reaction can cause the necrosis to spread (and if it spreads over a great enough area, it becomes gangrene) and can ultimately be fatal. The only way to cure the condition is through a process known as debridement, which is simply the removal of necrotic tissue. If the dead area is too large, this may require amputation.

Necrosis isn't contagious, meaning it's not the sort of thing that could spur a faux-zombie outbreak. Of course, a sudden wave of hyper-aggressive, necrosis-spreading spiders or snakes? That might be another matter entirely.

04 - Dysarthria
The iconic moans and grunts of the oncoming zombie horde could be the results of Dysarthia which is a disorder affecting the motor controls of human speech. Dysarthria is neurological in its origins, which ties in with the brain-based aspects of zombie lore. There are a lot of different causes of dysarthric speech, but all are characterized by a malfunction in the nervous system that makes it difficult to control the tongue, lips, throat, or lungs.

This in turn causes difficulty in articulation, which can take the form (among many possible manifestations) of an inability to communicate in more than unintelligible noises. The condition can be brought on by traumatic brain injury, metabolic diseases like Lou Gehrig's or Parkinson's, or a stroke, all of which lead to a loss of control over the vocal muscles. Possible affected areas include the ability to regulate the volume of speech, the ability to create the proper inflection, and, most importantly for our purposes, the ability to create the correct sounds of speech.

To be sure, in and of itself dysarthria is not a particularly zombie-ish condition. However, coupled with any of the other diseases on this list, it gets you frighteningly close to a real approximation of the sight and sound of the walking dead.

05 - Leprosy
First of all, it's a myth that leprosy causes body parts to rot away and fall off - indeed, there really aren't any diseases that can actually make limbs fall off (although, as discussed earlier, necrosis can necessitate the amputation of dead limbs). Leprosy can cause damage and numbness in its victims, which could cause a slow, shuffling walk that might have inspired the gait that we associate with zombies. The main external symptom of leprosy is the outbreak of extensive skin lesions, which gives the skin a diseased, decaying appearance not unlike that of the common conceptions of zombies.

Not yet finished, please check back again soon as I am still working on this article - thanks

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