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You are now seeing the Real Islam
and the worldwide Manifestation of Evil
by Randal M. Bundy - 07 January 2014
Islam is Satanic Allah is Satan Islamic Evil Muslims Satanists
I can only hope that the entire world has awoke from their slumber because the are now experiencing the real Evil of Islam.  It is not now, nor has it ever been a "Religion of Peace", nor a “Religion of Tolerance” toward any other Religion on the Planet.  The blood shed of the innocent in Magazine Offices and the streets of Paris, as well as other places so numerous to list here individually, is only a prelude to what is to come and what is truly in store for France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Britain, United States, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands and any other all non-Muslim country and all societies where even one adherent to Islam is permitted entry.

For Christians, Jews, Hindu, Buddists and all other Non-Muslims to Believe in Co-Existence with Islam is "a Fool's Errand".  You are simply living in a state of denial and at best you are posponing the date of "your own demise". To allow the adherants of Islam to live amongst you is to deliberately expose your entire population, including your own children to life threatening danger.

In War against a Muslim Enemy, the act of negotiation itself means that you are willing to surrender a portion of that which you already owned and possessed. 

In War with Muslims if you propose, accept or consider a cease fire without complete, obvious and utter defeat of the Muslim enemy on the battlefield, then you have granted that Muslim Enemy a victory, which he will be celebrating in the streets of his own cities as a defeat of you.

If you engage in diplomacy with a Muslim Enemy and accept what he says to you in your own language as his word and faithful promise, while not considering what he is saying to his own people in his own languiage, then you have also lost the war of Diplomacy and you have demostrated to him your ignorance.  A perfect example of this mistake on the part of those seeking a meaningful dialogue and negotiation with Muslims is,  for generations Palestinian leaders have spoke of peace in English while fomenting terror in Arabic.

Randal M. Bundy

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