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Yazidis People Persecuted by ISIS and Arab Muslims
and the predictable Repercussions toward the Arab/Muslims Responsible
by Randal M. Bundy - 12 February 2015
Yazidi Girl
Yazidis Refugee Girl

In August of 2014 Daesh (ISIS) swept across Iraq and laid sieged to Sinjarin which is the home of the peaceful Yazidis people.   The population of Sinjarin in 2013 was estimated at 88,023 and the majority inhabitance were the peaceful Yazidis who are non-Muslim and the minorities were Arab and Assyrian.  In 2007 Arab/Muslims minorities in the Yazidi Areas had joined forces with "al-Qaeda in Iraq"  and set off several explosions which killed hundreds of the Yazidis.

During the attack by
Daesh (ISIS) and invassion of the Yazidis homeland and the Siege of Mount Sinjar the fighting was heavy between Daesh (ISIS) and the Kurdish Peshmerga who were attempting the protect the Yazidi and assist in their safe evacuation from Sinjarin to the more safe and strongly held Kurdish Areas.  
Yazini Refugees Fleeing

After the 
Kurdish Peshmerga were defeated by Daesh (ISIS), the Yazidi were branded as "devil worshipers", which was essentially a death sentence for the Yazidi people.    Thus began a campane of wholesale slaughter of unarmed Yazidi who were unable to flee

Of those who took part in this slaughter many included the Yazidis own Arab/Muslim neighbors who willingly took part in the slaughter as well as the rape of the Yazidi woman who were wives, sisters, daughters and children of the men 
Daesh (ISIS) and their Arab/Muslim collaberaters slaughtered   Many emediately after their rapes and those who were not killed were spared for the purpose of forced conversion and married off to unmarried Daesh (ISIS) fighters.

The Yazidi population who were able the flee Sinjar did so in all directions.  Some escaped towards the Kurdish stronghold of Erbil, however the less fortunate climbed up Mount Sinjar, where thousands were stranded without food or water, and many died of starvation and heat waiting to be saved.  The Obama administration could have provided food and water relief as well as air-drop military personel and provide air support and hellicopter support.  However Obama refused to provide any of it and it is obvious that it is becasue of his Muslim Sympathies.

On the night of 20 December 2014, Kurdish forces pushed into the city of Sinjar near the end of a massive offensive. However, the Kurdish advance into the city was stalled, as they faced fierce resistance from the 
Daesh (ISIS) fighters inside of the city.

Unspeakable horrors of slaughter by beheadings, crusafictions and shooting of unarmed and helpless Yazidis who were unable to escape into the Kurdish Territories.  Rapes of the woman, girls, and children and forced conversions before many of them too were  slaughtered.  The Arab/Muslim ISIS savages took pleasure in the belief that when a Christian is forced to convert and then killed they would be deprived a place in Christian Heaven.

Reports of survivers of Sinjar report that, in the time Daesh (ISIS) controlled the area thousands of the tiny religious minority were killed and their bodies were shoved into mass graves in what was certainly universally regarded as an attempted genocide. 

In response to the siege. slaughter of unarmed population, which lasted from August until very recently, some Yazidis are taking up arms against the Arab Muslims whom they believe collaborated with Islamic State to rape, enslave, and slaughter the Yazidis.

The world should make of note of what happened to both the Yazidis and the Kurds at the hands of Daesh (ISIS) and also remember that even though the Arab/Muslim countries pretend to denounce Daesh (ISIS), they had never done so until the death of the Jordanian Pilot who had been shot down.  None of the Arab condemnation came while the attrocities were confined only to the Kurds and Yazidi.  This is what we can expect for us, should any of our countries and societies be conquored by Arab/Muslims or aany Muslim adversaary.

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