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Would be victim of Carjacking turns the 2nd amendment
on the Criminal

by Randal M. Bundy - 23 May 2015
Yet another Example of the Wisdom of our Founding Fathers and the Right to own and bare firearms is an incident where a man applies the 2nd amendment to would-be Robber - "So, you woke up stupid this morning?'
Hashim Fannin - Car owner, Driver and Carry Conceal License Holder (below)
Hashim Fannin
Edgar Horn age 61 (below) - Attempted Carjacker
Edgar Horn
The car owner kept the suspect, Edgar Horn, 61, at gunpoint face down in the parking lot for several minutes until police arrived. (below)
Attempted Carjacking
When police arrrive on the scene, Hashim Fannin correctly placed his weapon on the ground and stood away from it.  Police reposnded absolutely correctly  by shaking his hand, congradulating him and procedded to arrest the criminal Edgar Horn - age 61 (below)
Attempted Carjacking
I absolutely love learning about and reporting on the types of incidents that do occur where the Law Bidding Citisens refuse to be victims of Criminal Thugs such as this, particularly when the Carry Conceal License holder is able to use his weapon as a deterant and did not have to fire his weapon.  It is part of the reason that our founding fathers included the 2nd ammendment into the bill of rights.  The intended victim, Hashim Fannin demostrated that the law biding citizen and society in general is safer by being armed than if unarmed and helpless.  The fact that he was able to handle the cituation without having to fire his weapon is noteworthy.  This is of course yet another demonstration of exatly how DEADLY WRONG the Anti-Gun Lobby and anti-gun organizations really are.
Congradulation and Commendations to Mr. Hashim Fannin, Your The Man of the week! Also Congradulations, Commendations and Appreciation to the Police Officers who responded to the incident in the proper manner, you are the ones restoring trust and confidence in the Police by the Law bidding and peaceful citizens and society.
To the Criminal Edgar Horn I suggest while your sitting in jail and most like prison for a period of time, you might consider yourself lucky to be alive and grateful to Mr. Fannin for his obvious weapons training and his self control during a time where it would have been perfectly understandable if he had instead shot your ass.  Onviously at that molment he would have had absolutely no idea what you wanted, his car or his life.  It just might be time for you to discover Religon and a start living a better way of life.
- Randal M. Bundy 22 May 2015

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