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World War Three
by Randal M. Bundy - 01 March 2015

Everyone in the world should by now realize that WW3 is upon us.  They should also realize that this is a war which Islam has initiated against the Non-Muslim world over 1,400 plus years ago.  Ever since Islam began it's existence, it's stated goal and intent has been to conquer the entire world and by the  sword impose it's religion upon everyone.   The Muslims have never renounced that intent and they have for the entire Islamic History functioned in a perpetual state of this War of Conquest.   This stated goal and intent of Islam can be found clearly stated in their religious book, "the Quran" and in their own history over spaning the past 1,400 some odd years.  All of the War Deaths ever suffered my mankind and all of the deaths inflicted by the hand or the orders of every tyrant and dictator of History will pale in comparison to what will come if Islam if successful.

Let there be no illusions of what Islam really is and what is at stake here for all of us.  If we fail it will mean death in such wholesale numbers that the total figure will never be accurately known.  Let there also be no illusions to the fact that ISIS is just one more manifestation of the same Conquest of Islam and although you hear some voices of Islam seemingly condeming ISIS actions, their condemnation is a standard deception deployed by Islamic leaders to confuse and decieve their intended victims.  

ISIS was born of both a Muslim Mother and a Muslim Father.  ISIS was taught by Muslim Teachers and Imams.  ISIS was nurthured, feed and raised by Muslim Families and they like all of the adherents of Islam share the goal and they all lead to the same conclusion.  That conclusion is Death by the Millions upon Millions of our people of the lands they Conquor and for those unlucky enough to actually survive, it will mean conversion to their Demonic Death-Cult and total enslavement for them and our children, grandchildren and generations to follow.  Those of our own People and Leadership who can not see this, then they too are part of the problem.

Christians, Jews, Hindu, Buddhists, Atheists, Yazidi, including Arab and Egyptian Christians and  any other Non-Muslims are targets of this demonic evil which passes itself off as a legitimate religion known as Islam.  Even certain ethnic groups who are different Muslim sects such as the Kurds are also targeted the same as all of us Non-Muslims. .

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