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World War 3 is here and Islam is The Enemy
by Randal M. Bundy - 20 December 2015

We hear references of World War 3 on the horizon however the fact is that World War 3 is already upon us and the True Enemy is Islam Itself.  Islamic itself is in fact the enemy of ALL free people everywhere and Islam has been at war with the entire world of Non-Islamic people for 1,400 years of it's existence. This fact should come as no major surprises to anyone who is sane, intelligent and who has been monitoring World News in any media form and especially with anyone who has even the slightest amount of knowledge of world history.

Anyone who has even the slightest amount of knowledge of Islamic Ideology and History must also see that just like the ideology of Nazism which lead to World War 2, the Ideology of Islamic Supremacy and World Domination is what has lead to this current early stages of World War 3.

Just as it was true that not every German subscribed to the Nazi Doctrines, it is also true that not every Muslim is a Fanatic Terrorist however they do follow the Koran right down to the exact letter and word of Islamic Ideology.  They simply may not act upon it any particular time.  This means in simple and common language, every single muslim is in fact "A Ticking Time Bomb".  Every single Muslim living in society is constantly being subjected to Islamic Brainwashing from their Mosque Leaders and their fellow Muslim Society as a whole.  This brainwashing has been going on since the moment of their unfortunate birth into the greater Muslim Society.

There may still some idiots in Western Non-Muslim Countries and Societies who still believe and try to convince the rest of us that   "Islam is a Religion of Peace".  However as this "Religious War" brought on by Muslims continues to grow and threaten every single country and society, in time all will come to understand that you can not have Muslims in your country if you expect your country to survive as it has been long before any of us were born.  You also can not have Muslims in your country as either legal immigrants, illegal immigrants or those claimed to be refugees.  The fact is that Islam itself is non-compatible with any other belief because at the very core of Islamic Belief is the avocation of Destroying all other non-Islamic Countries, Societies and beliefs.  Each and every Muslim are part of what Alexander The Great referred to as "The Fifth Column".  Which is the enemy secretly and sometimes even openly working with the Islamic Fanatics operating within your own borders.

Islam could not be successful without The traitors of our own countries and societies who are now and have always been
(a) - The Idiots leftists and their willingness to alien themselves with anyone and everyone who wish to destroy our society.
(b) - The Bleeding Heart Liberals and their lack of common sense and priorities.
(c) - Multiculturalism and those who subscribe to it, when in fact Multiculturalism is only allied to White Christian Countries.  Multiculturalism itself is only an Ideological tool meant for the destruction of White Christian Society for we never find cases where the same is being advocated or implemented in any other racial or ethnic groups and their societies and countries..
(c) - The Suicidal EU and UN that have pressured all Western White countries to allow Invasions of The Muslim 5th Column into Europe disguised as Harmless Immigrants, legal and illegal and Refugees into Europe, Canada, the U.S and other Western Christian Countries.

If Sane and Patriotic Leaders are able to regain control and leadership through out Europe, each and every one of the Non-Europeans from Muslim Countries who have made their way onto all European and other Non-Muslim , MUST be deported back from where they came from or to already Islamic Countries.  This has to be done by any means necessary.  Doing anything less means the extinction of our Societies, our freedom of  religion, our individual ethnic identity.  To do anything less will also mean wholesale slaughter of our own people.

Compassion for those who are truly in need and present no threat to us individually or collectively is one thing, but to allow people whose religious ideology is without any doubt geared toward the destruction of all people who do not share the same ideology as their is pure stupidity and neglect of our own safety and the freedoms fought for so long ago by Patriots who in many case gave their last dying breath to secure for us.