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World War 3 - The World Invasion of Islam
by Randal M. Bundy
World War 3 is here folks and your living in it right now, it's all around you.  The sooner you wake up from your drunken stupor or your naive distractions of existence and self importance the better off you will be.  It has been building up to this point now for over 50 years and it is now reaching critical mass.

Who is the enemy? 
Of course we know that the enemy is Islam and the traitors from within our own societies who have allowed this natural enemy of free men and woman to gradually invade our country.  The enemy is also the multiculturalists,  the leftists, the progressives, the Liberals (in America), the Marxists or any other name the Communists might refer to themselves as on any particular day.  These are the enemies who have for over 100 years now have been constantly attacking the Western Societies.  The have constantly attacked our culture, history, patriotism, loyalty, our religion, our constitution, our family structure, our values and our principles and our success and earned wealth.   Is there any wonder that the populations of Europeans, Americans and Canadians has been in a decline since world war 2, while the population of 3rd world countries and races has been increasing at such a phenomenal amount that those of us in the west are becoming a minority.

I remind my audience to remember Lebanon before the Civil Wars that devastated that country.  It was multiculturalism that brought that war on when the Lebanese Government permitted Palestinian Refugees and PLO Fighters to enter their peaceful country.  Lebanon at that time had a majority Christian Population.  With the influx of Palestinian Muslims, the Islamic Jihadists diverted their attention away from Israel and began attacking their host country who gave them refuge status.  These facts are indisputable and are in keeping with the general instructions that every Jihadist has learned at an early age, "attack and kill the infidel" .  That is Christian, Jew, Hindu, Buddhist and anyone other than Muslim.  You can argue and debate all you want and if you are Muslim you can continue to lie and deceive those who want to be lied to and deceived but for the rest of us who are not naive and learn from history, Lebanon is a perfect example and it was no isolated incident.  History is full of 1,400 years of just such events that have occurred in the name of Islamic Domination of the World.

Now the over population of Muslims in our own countries is not a mere coincidence, it has been deliberate and by design.  From the earliest stages of live we, and our children have been constantly brainwashed, indoctrinated and often openly targeted with anti-family principles to the point to where some of our society were actually made to feel ashamed of producing children for the next generation.  The constant indoctrination of abortion and birth control, targeting especially the young and naive woman of our society and then combined with the indoctrination of homosexuality as an alternative life style and promoting diversity both within marriage and blatantly targeting the entire white population.  It was no mere woman's equality that was behind the entire feminist movement, it was to indoctrinate the young white woman to grow up to hate young white men.  To promote promiscuity and illegitimate births, to destroy the sanctity of marriage and weaken the structure of the white family unit and ideals.  Sometimes these tactics were so subtle that they were never recognized by the mainstream society and those who did recognize it and spoke out against it were labeled by the mainstream media and Hollywood types as crazy conspiracy freaks.  Or they were called racists, homophobe, sexists, or religious fanatics.  We after at least 50 years of this labeling, it turns out they were actually correct in what they were saying and those who were actually involved in this grand scheme we successful.  

Look at the numbers, because the number and the statistics in this case do not lie.  The increase of illegitimate birth to the highest amount in recorded history, the rate decline in the overall white populations, the rise of homosexuals, the rising rate of  white people not getting married, not having children and those who do have children the birth rate does not even replenish the population.  While the hostile population of Hispanic and black races are increasing at such an alarming rate, like an invasion they will overtaking us and outnumbering us.  Sit back for one moment and ask yourself what society and your safety will look like when they are the majority and control everything.  Will they be as tolerant and generous of a society toward us, that we were toward them?  I think not.

Who has been behind it all?  As I mentioned those on the leftists who for some reason are self hating white people are partially to blame, but there is an even more sinister evil within our society that is to blame.  Some may refer to them as the NWO or the illuminati or the Bilderburgs  or all of the above.  They in fact do exist and although they may not formally  call themselves "The New World Order" or "The Bilderburgs" or "the illuminati", the are one in the same.  They might not even know themselves, but often they do.  Often they do meet to plan strategy and tactics, much the same as the United Nations various committees came together to devise things such as agenda 21 and universal private gun  confiscations.  These people who are at the top invasion themselves above all of us, they see us all as nothing more than pawns to be pushed around on there chess board, which we call earth.  The also see us all as nothing more than sheep to be slaughtered when and where ever they see fit.  All societies are being socially engineered  by them.  The White Race, The Black Race, The Oriental, The Arabs, The Jews, all various races and ethnic groups are deliberately being intentionally manipulated to self destruct and reform into this all mixed society of slaves for them.   What some call, the New World Order.  Somehow all of these people at the top believe they will somehow come out on top and that their children, grandchildren and descendants will remain pure perhaps.  Perhaps they really don’t even care the slightest bit about them either.  

What all this will create is what has already now been created.  Welcome to World War 3 and it is not going to be a very pleasant time.  It will be destructive, it will devastate the world, financially and socially.  There will be death in the millions and this planets populations will not recover in any generation soon.  Black people, white people, Asian, Hispanic, Arabs, Muslins, Christians, Jews, All will be affected by something that has been deliberately orchestrated by only a few.

Islam will not stop it's intended conquest until it is destroyed completely and banished from the civilized world.  Muslims will not wake up one day and say, "Oh gee, we should all strive to live in harmony with our fellow man".  If you do hear such nonsense then it is a lie.  Remember that Muslims who are dedicated to the Quoran have already been taught a long time ago that its is perfectly acceptable to lie to an infidel.  As a matter of fact they are instructed in the Quran to do so as long as it further Islamic Jihad, which is the Conquest of Islam of the entire world.  Do not fall for any nonsense that Islam may mean a personal internal struggle, because that too is a lie perpetrated with the full intent of deceiving you.

Islam is a Cult of Conversion by the sword and indoctrination by abuse.  Anyone who grew up in a western society whose upbringing included respect for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of the Press,  Freedom of association and Equality of the Sexes but yet is now considering or have considered converting to Islam as a religious preference is either totally ignorant of the religion and has not take the time to actually read the Quran itself or paid any attention to what is going on in the world or they are totally insane psychopaths who desire to achieve some sort of privilege of dominance over others.  Islam is in fact the Cult of the Insane and Brainwashed masses who have been unfortunate enough to have actually been born into a society where cruelty, slaughter, rape and ignorance is the norm, instead of criminal acts as they are viewed in most civilized societies that Islam hope to conquer..

Islam is a total brainwashing of the individual and destruction of the individual spirit of a person.  Begun at the moment of birth like a child born into an abusive family, often is chain locked into the abuse of the next generation that it brings into this world.  The abuse is inherited and continued generation after generation.  If this is all that a person ever sees, experiences and knows in there society then to them it is the norm.

How is this chain to ever be completely broken, as it must?  It is not an easy solution to conclude and will never happen if these dangerous people are permitted to immigrate to countries of the west and are permitted to continue to perpetrate the abuse to their own children .  It will never end if these people are permitted to create Muslim enclaves within our society and isolate themselves and their children from any other life styles which might break the chain of which I speak of.

There is only one solution that I see and that is that Islam must be defeated entirely, the children must be isolated and taught separately if necessary away from the parents.  I realize the average person reads this and is shocked, but how is it any different in a western society when it is discovered that a parent is abusive to there own children?  What does the state do and claim in the best interest of the children?  You and I both know the answer and the solution the state takes, they remove that child from the dangerous and abusive environment and place that child somewhere that hopefully they are raised by sane and reasonable and loving people.

How can society in general view those poor children who are daily being abused by their Muslim parents and an Islamic society in general who as bad as it was when they were confined within there own national boarders, but now have spread like a cancer through out the entire planet and continue to bread and perpetrate monsters to be unleashed upon other innocent populations. 

Allowing Muslims into your country like this is like inviting a child molester to have a sleep over with your own children.  It is like inviting a homicidal maniac to come and live in your home and enjoy the company of your family while you are away at work. 

Insane, yes it is absolutely insane.  However who is to blame for all of this?  It is the leftist multicultural advocates who are to blame and you the silent majority who know better.  You have allowed them to take power and destroy your society and your country.  Insane?  Yes they are truly insane and you would have been in as much danger as you are now, if you had gone to any insane asylum and opened the gates and recruited the inmates to be your political leaders.

So Welcome to World War 3!  It is not going to be very pretty and none of us who experience it are going to enjoy it!
Anti-Muslim Immigration Political Ad(Belguim) The Resident: World War III Has Begun Threat Of Islam In The West 9/11 dancing muslims Celebrating the death of American civilians REAL FOOTAGE Fox Analyst on Al Jazeera America: 'Most Arabs' Supported bin Laden 'Killing Americans' History Repeats Itself
Islamic World Domination
We'll folks, do we need any more obvious proof of their intent and goal than this one picture?  It is only an example as in most of the rallies and demonstrations by Muslims, this is the proclaimed and boasted goal of Islam.  Further more it is spelled out right there in what they consider there holy scriptures of the Quran itself.
Only a person deaf, dumb and blind could be excused for not seeing it, hearing it and knowing it.

It kind of makes us who are speaking out against Islam and being ignored or ridiculed feel the same way Churchill felt when he was trying to convince the English people they were making a mistake by believing that Hitler only wanted that tiny little Sudetenland and nothing more.
Remember the age old tactic, divide and conquer. Like Chamberland there will be those of our political leaders who waive a worthless piece of paper with a promise on it, "just give up the Jews and Israel and we will all forever live in peace" sure we will folks, as they fire up the ovens. I absolutely despise some of our people who live there lives in denial of the truth, when it is right there staring us in the face. What cowards some of our political leaders are.

History Repeats Itself
Here we see the tactic of Islam to divide and conquor with  promises of safety, security and peace, just sacrafice our trusted ally and friend Israel.  Those of us who know our history will be full aware that that is not what they really want.  What they really want is the entire world itself.  Furthermore what respect would anyone receive from friend and foe alike on the entire planet after sacrifing a friend and ally to receive a promise of safety for themelves from a monster, instead of facing that monster as a united people?  Additionally how could anyone actually live with themselves after committing such an act of betrayal?

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