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Obama and the end is near

World instability under an Obama Presidency
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Biden Obama Dumb and Dumber

Regarding the crisis The United States and the Entire World now faces.  Please, Please, Please all you stupid people who are my countrymen in the USA and the Entire World, please cast to memory the following that I have learned long ago during my university days,

(1) - Cause and Effect:  Cause (an event) (action you take) causes a second event to occur (the effect) (the second event happens as a consequence of the first event.

(2) - Sir Issac Newton's third law:  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

World instability under an Obama Presidency.  That is exactly what I and many other people tried to warn the American People and the world what was going to happen.  I did not use the word, Predict when issuing these warnings, because that word implies a person warnings were based upon psychic ability and I am not psychic. My warnings were based on what we did know about Obama himself and my suspicions of him based upon what he was concealing from our view.  You can usually find out more about a person by determining what they are not telling you as you can from what they will tell you.

So the world has now begun learn their support for Obama was a much of a mistake as the American Voting Public is finding out their vote caste for him was also a mistake.  As a matter of fact it was probably the biggest mistake of their lives.  Those people who were in positions of government who could have prevented this catastrophe from occurring to our country and our society are also to blame.  The democrat party itself is also to blame for permitting some such as Obama from being nominated as their candidate for president and they did not even bother to require him to actually produce proof of his eligibility according to the constitution, to actually run and hold that office.

Elections do have consequences the same as people choices in life do have consequences.  Consider the same fro drug addicts who are warned as children growing up that Heroin is such a dangerous drug that even if taken only for a short period of time can leave the individual with a life time addiction.  The temporary euphoria which is experienced eventually wears off and the expense of the addiction is impossible for anyone to afford.  In time that one little error in judgment early on in life will end in total destruction of the individual.  In this case I am referring to our country and our society which is in jeopardy now because of the errors in judgment in 2008 and 2012 by a large segment of the American Population.  Partially to blame is the international community itself who contributed to the Obama euphoria and the promise of utopia.  All of those who supported Obama and those who voted for him are to blame, because of their stupidity.

A large segment of the American Population suffer from a simple illness known as envy.  They continually allow the democrat party to play them for the fools they are.  Instead of focusing their attention on actions which they can take to better themselves, they cast their votes to the democrats who promise to “take from the rich man and give to them“.  It is in fact like “eating the goose that lays the golden eggs“.  If you target the wealthy and successful in your society who are also the people who hire other less fortunate than themselves, who are you going to go to for a job?  Perhaps you think you can work for government?  Government can not hire people without tax dollars and no wealthy successful people, no jobs, no jobs no government income and no job for you.  Perhaps you think all that money those wealthy successful people have can just be taken away by government and given to you?  How long do you think the money stolen from the wealthy and successful class and given to you will last you and the country. The answer is perhaps about 3 months and then what will you do? 

If there is one simple principle that I could teach anyone in this world it is the principles of (1) -
Cause and Effect" and (2) - Sir Issac Newton's third law

(1) - Cause and Effect" - Cause (an event) (action you take) causes a second event to occur (the effect) (the second event happens as a consequence of the first event.
(2) -  Sir Issac Newton's third law:  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

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