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World at War and the Muslim Invasions
by Randal M. Bundy - 13 November 2015

We all knew this day was coming and the French knew too.  The Muslims have made no secret of their intent to conquor France and all of Europe and turn it into Islamic States. People like me and many others have been warning for years of the ignorence of Non-Muslim Countries allowing Muslims into their countries.

I had discontinued my usual postings of World News Reports a number of weeks ago while I am writting my new book, which ironically is titled, World at War and the Muslim Invasions.  I will now suspend writting more chapters of my book and instead will be reporting on events in France as well as the rest of Europe, America and the rest of the Non-Muslim" world.  As we should all be fully aware of the fact that the title of my upcoming book is coming true as the Entire World is now under attack from Islamic Forces.  

The Islamic War against the world has existed for the entire 1,400 years of Islamic History  and Ironically this attack in Paris and the beginning of all out war has occured on Friday the 13 which is a historicly unlucky day.  

All Non-Muslim Countries should realize that what is happening in France will be happening in their countries too.  As long as your Governments are foolinsh enough to  allow Muslims to migrate to your country your citizens will be in danger.