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Woman Who DO NOT Support Gun Control
by Randal M. Bundy - 09 August 2014
Quite simply put a woman is capable of doing almost anything a man can do and men can do almost anything a woman can do.  There are of course exceptions such as men giving birth to a children  If there are actually any men out there who would want to give birth to a child, sorry guys, it just isn’t going to happen.  The same holds true for woman.  However when it comes to firing a weapon, enjoying Hunting and Rifle Shooting Sports, woman can be as good at it as any man.

A Girl and Her AK!!
My daughter is almost as good a shot as I am at a Target 300 meters down range and an AKMS does not intimidate her in the slightest bit.  Of course she grew up with weapons as a result of growing up with me.  When I was in the Army, in basic training I qualified as an "Expert Marksman" and I maintained that rating through out my entire military career.  I also completed the Arm’s Sniper Training Course and also maintained that qualification through out my entire time in while in service.  Back then our choice of sniper weapon was the M-14, but most of use who were qualified snipers preferred the Remington 700 and that later became the choice of the army too, with certain alterations and modifications.  

This nonsense that political figures such as the well known Idiot and Vice President, Joe Biden said during an interview with Parents Magazine when he was answering a woman's question,
  "Kate, If you want to protect yourself, get a double-barrel shotgun, have the shells for a double barrel shotgun and I promise you, as I told my wife, walk outside the house fire two blasts, etc. and he goes on to say “You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use, and in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. Buy a shotgun. Buy a shotgun."  

While he was saying this to this woman, it seems to me as though he was actually talking down to this woman, as though she was a idiot or something,  Joe Biden does have a tendency to speak to people in an arrogant manner.  It was as though he was, in a hillbilly accent saying to the woman, “Well now little lady, you just worry about the washing machine, vacuum machine and dishwasher and leave the complicated things like guns to us men folk“!  Joe Biden even used his own wife as an example or a reference when he answered this woman’s question.  You can watch and listen to the following video of the event I refer to and see if you get the same impression as I did.  You have to wonder where the actual feminists are after this display of, "Dare I say Chauvinistic Attitude of His"!

Buy a shotgun, says Joe Biden
Definition of  Chauvinistic Attitude:  "an attitude that the members of your own sex are always better than those of the opposite sex".  The term Chauvinist can actually apply to either sex, but in this  case I am referring to Joe Biden's attitude that a woman can somehow NOT handle an AR-15 but should instead choose a Shotgun Instead.   As well as his ignorance of weapons in general his error in judgment of a woman's ability to "Handle an AR-15" is also an example of Joe Biden's Chauvinistic attitude as well.  The real fact is that Joe Biden at that time had signed onto Osama’s targeting of so called “Assault weapons” for Banning.

Now I am not what you would call a "feminist" but I found this idiots comments of his to be insulting toward woman and an implication that woman somehow can not handle and firing an AR-15 and a Man can?  Now anyone with any knowledge at all about guns, which obviously Joe Biden Does not have any knowledge of, will know that a Shotgun certainly does have a far harder recoil than an AR-15 and if you are not prepared for the blast and the recoil, will very well knock you on your ass.  Furthermore his suggestion of shooting off two blasts from a shotgun, unless you are shooting it directly into the ground.  If you shoot any weapon in the air, the bullets, pellets or slug do have to come down somewhere. Just randomly shooting a weapon without concerning yourself with this little fact of physics can lead you to unintentionally shoot you neighbor or a child playing in their yard or some innocent by stander walking their dog down the street.

It was extremely irresponsible of Joe Biden to speak of such matters that obviously he knows nothing about and did not stop to first think the consequences of his improper and dangerous advise given.  Furthermore the sound of a shotgun blast will most certainly have your neighbors calling the police and yes, you will most likely be arrested by the police for firing a gun within the city limits, which is indeed a crime in every community that I am aware of in the city or suburbs.

Now obviously if a shotgun is all that you do have, it is a credible self defense weapon, but as with all cases of any type of weapon, you do not shoot a weapon unless their is a true need to protect yourself.  If you hear a noise of someone outside your home and you leave the safety of your home and step out on the porch, this action alone makes your vulnerable to the burglar or attacker.  It is just not good common sense and furthermore if you kill someone in such a case described by Joe Biden, I guarantee you that you will be spending time in jail and a lot of money for a defense attorney.  Even in such a laws as “Stand Your Ground” The proper thing would of course to first call 911 when you hear the noise.  Yes you have your gun in hand and are ready should someone come barging their way through the front door in a home invasion.

The point I am making here is quite simply that it is all a matter of being a rational and responsible gun owner, instead of a lunatic as Joe Biden seemed to be ill advising.   Joe Biden was obviously was just “shooting his mouth off” or “speaking off the cuff” as though he was some sort of expert, which he obviously is not.  Joe Biden is known to be this type of idiot.

Millions of woman certainly do own and use firearms for not only self defense but also for hunting and for Sport. We must also not forget that in reference to an AR-15 which is basically the civilian version of the Military M-16 and M-4, woman have been firing this weapon as required by all branches of the Military.  Certainly Joe Biden is aware that woman do serve in the Military and often have served in battles and firefights with the enemy for many years now.  Further more our very own American Pioneer Female Ancestors fired all sorts of weapons as a means to protect themselves, their family as well as for hunting purposes in order to feed their families.  

It is amazing to me that the Democrat Party claims to be the party that supports Woman's Rights, while blaming the Republicans as being the party that "wages war on woman" or “discriminates against woman” or somehow cling to ideas that woman are the weaker sex and could not suitably handle an AR-15.  What shows the hypocrisy the most is that absolutely non of the so called “Feminist Organizations or individuals of that movement seen to by their silence issue a pass to Joe Biden and any other Democrat who is clearly Chauvinist toward woman, such as also the case with the Deceased Ted Kennedy.

Just like men who may be anti-gun, every single woman who I ever encountered who claimed to be Anti-Gun, when I asked them if they had every fired a gun, the answer inevitably is “NO“.  Of all the woman who I did take to the rifle or pistol ranger who had never experienced firing a gun, every single one of them changed their possession after they personally fired the weapons.  It was as though that was all it took to convince them of what they were missing all along.  It was also as though they had a new found sense of empowerment and a feeling of confidence and achievement.  For me, it was rewarding as well because any time I can take an “Anti-Gunner” to the range, hand them the gun and let them shoot, and know that they will leave that range as a New Gun Enthusiast.  However it was not me, it was the gun itself that brings out that natural instinct in all of us, regardless of male or female.  

That quick transformation from Anti-Gun to Pro-Gun is a significant phenomenon and just goes to show that after all of the deliberate of brain washing by the Leftist-Liberal Anti-Gunners, all it takes is a trip to the firing range and putting a gun in the hands of a competent and responsible individual and let them do what comes naturally.  Hell my work comes easy.

For all Ladies as well as any men who are currently suffering from the illness known as Anti-Gun Mania, my simple prescription is to try it, I am absolutely sure that you too will be cured.

Now it is absolutely imperative that before buying and firing any weapon, a person should take a basic course in firearms safety.  I achieved this when I joined the Army, since I had no real exposure and experience with firearms, prior to join the Military.

Even though this article is not a substitute to a safety course, I do have to advise several things to first know and understand.  First and foremost, Never under any circumstance do you allow the barrel to be pointed at anyone, even if you think the weapon is empty.  It is just something that you never do.  Remember this at all times, even when you are inside looking to buy your first gun, or when you are at the range.  That is rule number one,  Rule number two is always know if your weapon is loaded or not.  If you have used your weapon, always clear it.  This means of course that you pull the charging lever which will eject any round that might possibly still be in the firing chamber.  Look to make sure it is cleared.  Remove the magazine and I always release the firing pin, always with the weapon pointed down into the dirt or if at the range, you will point the barrel down range.  This way if somehow there is still a bullet in the chamber, then it firing will not be in the direction of a person.  

I also never leave a round in the chamber when the gun is not in use.  My weapon is a Glock 17  and their is no real safety lever as with most pistols.  If I do need the weapon, I can very quickly load a round in the chamber by pulling the slide back which chambers a round.

Remember to be safe and enjoy the experience that Millions of Men and Woman do every day across this country and ladies also remember this that in Switzerland it is not only legal to own and bare firearms, it is also a law that every household own and maintain a weapon.  What the Anti-Gun Lobby and organizations will never tell you is that Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the entire world and rape is almost completely non-existent.  What the Anti-Gun Lobby will not tell you is that in those cities and where there are laws restricting and or forbidding gun ownership and or carrying suns, the crime rates are the highest.  In those cities and States that do support the citizens rights to own and bare firearms, all crime in the lowest.  It does stand to reason that if a Rapist is out on the prow for victims, will he select a city that is known to permit their citizens to own and carry firearms?  If every woman he sees, the thought that she could be a well trained and arms woman who will shoot his ass if he tries to rape her obviously does tend to discourage him and he is more likely to travel to one of those Anti-Gun Cities, where he knows his prospective Victim will be unarmed, untrained and helpless.

Don’t be a victim, be armed!
Woman Armed


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