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Wisdom of the Muslim Cavemen
by Randal M. Bundy - 01 March 2015
Saudi Cleric Says Sun rotates around the earth
That's right folks, we are all blessed to have the genious of the Islam Wolrd who we can now reply upon to set the record stright.  The Sun Rolvolves Around the Earth, according to a Saudi Islamic Cleric.  What is the source of this great paral of knowledge?  You guess is right, it is the Quran.  

What these inbreed ignorant cavemen who doned white robes do not consider is that the Quran itself is full of false scientific, Historical and Religious information which is proported by Muslims to be direct communication from Allah (who they claim of god).  So one of two things explains why the Quran is full of ignorant mistakes and errors.  (1) Either the information had actually come from a false GOD or it was completely made up by Muhammed who was an ignorant, illiterate, inbreed, maniac who spent his time as a Merchant in the Market place and no doubt listened to learned men and religious schalars of his time speak on the topics.  Muhammed later in his life as a wanna be prophet tried to pass some of this information on to his desciples, but since he was illiterate he was unable to refer to any text book and his memory and no dobt his inteligence and lack of comprehension was the soucre of the errors.

The entire cult of Islam was a creation by Muhammed and put into literate text form by his first wife, Khadija bint Khuwaylid.

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