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Wiretapping of Congress by the Obama Administration
by Randal M. Bundy

Wrong on so many levels, not to mention illegal, unethical and clearly a violation of the trust and confidence of the people and amongst the 3 branches of the US Government.  Clearly there can be no justification for it under any circumstance.  Any Judge that would authorize such a clear violation and offense conducted by one branch of Government toward and against another branch, should be impeached, disbarred and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  That judge who authorized it should also serve a lengthy prison sentence right along side those who ordered it done and those who actually conducted and carried it out.  This should include wiretapping,  eavesdropping, or spying as certainly there can be no justification for such a breach of the law. 

These types violations of abuse of power can not be tolerated or condoned unless there is clear and solid evidence that a person is in league with a foreign power to over through the government of the United States or in some way seeking to harm the United States or it’s people.  This of course would be treason for any such member of Congress if they were to be working with any such enemy.  However what appears to have been happening and still is occurring is the enemies of Barak Obama and the Democrats are being targeted for political persecution.  Essentially the Intelligence Agencies of the United States are being used by this President, certain members of his Administration and the Democrat party against the Loyal Opposition, the Republican Party Members of Congress.
How could this possibly be, some people might say.  Well how could the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) be used by this President and his administration to target, for persecution the Tea Party and Conservative Groups in such a manner to deprive them of the same rights as those who are favored by this administration enjoy?  Yet this has happened as we all know if we have been paying attention.  It is called in Short, "The Chicago Way".

They did the same think toward Sarah Palin, when she ran as Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate against Joe Biden during Obama's first Presidential Campaign.  The only difference then was,  that situation they even openly and publicly solicited the help of loyal Democrat citizens of Alaska to, "Dig Up The Dirt" on Sarah Palin.  Yes perhaps people have forgotten when they dispatched a small Army of Attorneys and investigators to Alaska in an effort to find any scraps of scandal they could pin on the Republican Candidate who was a Loyal Citizen of the United States exercising her constitutional right to run for public office.

What did they actually find to through out there to the hungry wolves of the liberal-leftist media who clearly were biased in favor of Obama and Against Sarah Palin?  They found some sort of slight scandal on Sarah Palin's teenage daughter who was not even a part of the campaign except to support her mother.  Furthermore  what teenage daughter or son in America today or at any time in history has not done something that might have been a little controversy to some degree?  It's called, “Youthful Indiscretion” and sometimes it's all part of growing up.  What parent in America at any time in history has not had a similar child, but yet that child has grown up to be perfectly fine and a credit to their  families, to society and the Country.  Furthermore what citizen themselves have not done the same types of things and what politician possessed of power over others is not guilty of some sort of ethic violations, yet the Democrats tend to give a, "Free Pass" to those party piers for far more controversial activity than anything Sarah Palin's daughter could ever have thought to have done.

However whatever they did find on her daughter had in fact have nothing at all to do with Sarah Palin and the job she would have done for the country as vice-president.  Looking at the quality of the Man and Vice President Joe Biden, I am certain that the country could have done a whole lot better with Sarah Palin as Vice President.

Barak Obama as the Narcissistic Tyrannical Dictator that he is and coming from Chicago Democrat Political Background that he does, it is not surprising to me that he has and still is using all resources he can muster, including violating the Laws.  For certainly these agencies are discredited for allowing themselves to be used in this manner, the same as Obama has used Paid Union Thugs as a show of force, more accurately described as, "Hire a Mob" or "Hire a Thug".

The discredit that those within the Intelligence Agencies and various law enforcement agencies have done to their agencies is irreversible and is a stain and tarnish upon those once fine institutions which were loved by the American People.  However that love is no more, for now the American People are themselves being targeted by these agencies. their privileged employees and the Democrat Political Hacks who have been appointed by the Dictator Obama. Those hired or promoted within these agencies, who are running them are in fact targeting the very American People whose tax dollars pay their salaries and whom those agencies are suppose to be protecting.  They have long ago discarded their duty to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic.  They have forgotten the fact that the American people themselves are not the enemy.  The enemies of America are the very people who are spying on the American people and those who are violating the Constitution of the United States.  To find the enemies, these agencies and political hacks need only look in a mirror and also look toward the white house itself.

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