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Will Smith - Good Actor but a Racist and Political Hack
by Randal M. Bundy - February 15, 2015
Will Smith, a Good Actor but another Racist and Political Hack
Will Smith, a Good Actor but another Racist and Political Hack.  Remember that the next time you consider paying your hard earned money to go see one of his movies.  Personally my money will be not knowingly be spent to support people like Will Smith, any more that I would contribute money to any of the leftists who are either Politicicians or Celebrities.s.
Will Smith recently decided to throw his two cents worth of intelligent thought in on the Issue of the 2nd Amendment and gun Control.   He says, "This is a Gun Culture and it's Painful for me", yet he personally has made millions of dollars as an actor staring in movies depicting him using guns, to kill people, and glamorizing the use of guns, and he himself apparently feels not shame, guilt or responsibility for it.

Will Smith, well known Hollywood actor, best known for his roll in "Men in Black" condemns the American Gun Culture, while he himself makes millions of dollars depicting the use of guns in the moneies he stars in.  Another Hollywood elietist who has millions of dollars earned to protect him and his family while the regular American does not.  He perhaps think's we should all disarm and become prey to the millions of Criminals who would prey upon an unarmed and helpless society?

I think Will smith is a very good actor and I have personally enjoyed many of his films.  I also think he should stick to that acting career becasue as for common sense he is obviously a walking idiot.  He fails to recognise the 2nd amendment which clearly indicate that man has the right to own and bear firearms.  He also fails to realize opbviously that if a populous allows it's government to remove deny it's citizens the right to the 2nd ammendment, they will be allowing the establishment of presidence and therefore removing all of the Amendments known as the Bill of Rights.

People like Will Smith although certainly are free to express there opinions and beliefs becasue the First Amendment guarantees it.  However he could at least in my opinion have a little bit of knowledge on the subject of which he attempts to speak of.  Furthermore I can only presume that since Will Smith does not respect the right of the people in regards to the 2nd amendment of the Constitution, then he will also be happy to see the removal of the first amendment.  When that happens he would never have been permitted to express his ignorant opinion without first recieveing the approval of the"Agency of Public Speech (APS)" which of course does not officially exist yet.  However given Obama's lack of respect for the Bill of rights, it will exist shortly.

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