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White Privilege Myth
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 March 2016
White Privilege
It is amazing really that some people actually buy into that whole "White Privilege" nonsense. Like most of the other nonsense ideology, it was created by leftists to keep people constantly divided along racial and ethnic lines. The American leftists though who created this aspect of an old and well known strategy of divide and conquer stole the idea from Hitler who used it successfully to gain power. Many people do not realize or refuse to acknowledge that Hitler too was actually "A Leftist" himself.

Divide and Conquer of course is an age old military strategy adapted for political use. Convince one racial or ethnic group that some other racial or ethnic group has an unfair advantage over them and then the leftists sit back and in fact use that riled up racial or ethnic group by sending them out on the front lines, such as we see with the entire "Black Lives Matter" gang.

The actual leaders themselves are never standing out there with the mind dead drone thugs. They are safely behind their gated community walls in exclusive neighborhoods. Every once in a while of course they throw on a white T shirt and jeans and come out to visit their loyal flock of zombies who follow their every word.

They tried unsuccessful for the most part in Chicago and other cities during the 60's and 70's with the poor white people who had migrated to the cities in search a jobs in the factories. The difference for the most part is the poor white people did not want to burn down the cities and kill the police. They generally just wanted a job and an opportunity, which they knew came from hard work, persistence and perhaps education.  All of that was unavailable to most people down in the hills where most of them came from.

The difference also was for my Parents and Grandparents and those families I mentioned from The poor white migrants from the Hills of places like Kentucky, West Virginia and elsewhere, there was no Welfare and food stamps back then. There was no White Privilege then and there never was and it has never existed in my life time.

Personally I learned quick in life if you don't get your ass up, drag yourself out to work, you don't eat and you will end up living under a bridge. Unfortunately the family that depends upon you will also suffer the same fate. I guess I just never did figure out where to go to find that, "Office of White Privilege" to get my free monthly check and all of the other supposed benefits because of the “White” color of my skin.