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White Persecution

If you are White, Black, Asian-Oriental, or Hispanic and you truly do not see that White people are now directly and intentionally being persecuted not only through out emplyment , housing, job promotions and all aspects of society in general and government as well as being directly targetted for for extermination, then you are either mentally handicapped, insain, naieve and have been living a very sheltered life or you are actually part of the numerous people and groups who are taking part in the persecution yourself.  Yes even if you are white, you too may be a part of that deliberate persecution.

While all other racial groups openly are supported for their assertion of preserving their own culture, heritage and traditions, white people are labelled as evil racists for desiring to preserve their own racial and ethnic culture, heritage and traditions.  This is clearly what has been called, "Reverse Discrimination".   What worse is that it is and has been for a very long time been sanctioned, approved and even encouraged by the leftists and progressive who permiate the US government as well as the institutions of education on all levels.

Long ago the claims by so-called civil rights leaders and community organizers that their goal was equality for all have actually been revealed as only a smoke screen for their true goal and objectives of persecution of the white race.  

Those of us who did agree that one should NOT be judged by their race or sex, rather for employment, housing,  education and all other aspects of life, have long ago dicovered that in reality those who were self apointed Civil Rights leaders and their so-called "affirmative action" they were peddeling  was nothing more that the evil of preferential treatment for certain racial and ethnic groups while discriminating openly and persecuting against whites.

This was manifested intentionally with regards to employment and many of us have personally witnessed it and also been victims of it.  No longer did the most qualified applicant for a job get hired.  If you are white and you seek employmet to government or the corporate world and their is a Black, Asian-Oriental, Hispanic or female who seek the same job, you will never get
that job unless you have an inside connection personally to that person who is doing the hiring.  Many of us also found out the hard way that corporations just like government had created this new possition of personnel director and that person who ran that office nine times out of ten were a minority and you whity were never going to get hired.  Corporations did this in an effort to ward off future law suits of descrimination.  So regardlesss if you are better educated with higher scores in high schools and universities as well as perhaps even previous experience on the job and the other applicant was less qualified, you still were not going to get that job.  It simply was not a equal playing field as Martin Luther King had talked about.  You being a white man or woman were simply NOT going to be judged by the quality of content but you were going to be discriminated against because of the color of your skin.

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