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White Genocide - A True Conspiracy
by Randal M. Bundy

There is a deliberate and systematic attempt to exterminate the White Populations in Europe, the United States and through out the world.  The people who are behind this are some of our own white members of our race.  They are leftists who have signed on to an ideology which they became exposed to for the most part in the 1960's.  For the most part it is an ideology which promotes assimilation of the White Races along with non-white races as the means of destroying us. 

Do you wonder what the true reason for uncontrolled immigration of non-whites into the United States as well as European Countries such as England, France, Spain and others?  It is in fact part of the agenda of those who control the EU.

Below are two videos, right is Former French
President Sarkozy, who speaks openly about this agenda which he obviously supports and is a part of.  In the Video on the left is Russian President Putin who also sees the Conspiracy of White Genocide and obviously is trying to warn the World of this Consiracy.
Putin Discusses White Genocide
Feminism role in White Genocide Daniel Coelho
There had been here a link to a video on youtube, entitled:  
"Sarkozy Calls For WHITE GENOCIDE!".  
However the video was delieted by the Order and power of the French Government which is controlled by those who are in fact part of the deliberate conspiracy of White Genocide.  In the video that was here,  Sarkozy even openly and proudly admitted that this was his and other's goal.  He was speaking in front of an audience of minorities who are themselves staking their future domination of Europe, upon the successful elimination of the white race by breeding it out of existence, by encouraging white woman in subtle ways through mass to bread with non-whites, to encorage by population reduction by encouraging homosexuality and young white woman to abort their children by white men.  Additionally the entire feminist movement has really had absolutely nothing to do with woman's equal rights.  What it's goals were all along was to create within woman a hatred toward men in general.  All are deliberate phsycological warfare and manipulation targetting the white race and leading to it's elimination.  I'll have much more on this issue as time goes on.

This threat is to All White society in European, United States, Canada, South Africa and wherever white society exists, with the exception of Russia and a few of the other East European Countries who have refused to allow ramped immigration from third world countries.

Does it not seem obvious to you that our race is deliberately targeted for extinction?  Why is that it is widely accepted that in Non-White Countries such as Africa, the excepted policy is that Africa is for the Africans?  Asia is for the Asians, South America is for the Hispanics, but White Europe, USA and Canada is for everyone else. 

Our leaders who are charged with protecting our countries and our societies are deliberately permitting what they must certainly realize is our own Genocide.

I am not the only one who sees this happening and is speaking out against this.  Why is it that we must accept with open arms the people from third world countries who we should know is in fact a hostile invading force.  The only difference is that instead of being a full frontal assault against our borders with a military force, they are choosing the low road of  a slow generational Genocide. 

Many years ago when there was still a Rhodesia and a South Africa, I saw this coming.  The leftists in the United States and elsewhere all joined in what they thought was this noble cause of defeating "Apartide" as they called it.  In reality it was the effort of the white populations of South Africa and Rhodesia to try to preserve their culture, heritage, their race in an land where they were surrounded by hostile forces bend on killing them.  We now see the result of all of those young and old white Liberals and their crusades.  Now this is brought ot us here in the White Societies, right on our own back yard.  I speak often about a race war and the on-coming World War Three.  Some people might have not believed me 30 years ago when I talk about it then.  However now to not admit that I was in fact right then, someone truly has to be blind.

On this page are educational videos and I do hope people wake up to the suicide that our governments are committing to themselves and their own people and the Genocide they are leaving us as an inheritance. White Man and Woman, fight back now by having more children, and teach your children to NOT integrate with those of other races.  It is NOT racist to want to defend, protect and preserve your own race.  Be strong in the face of those who want to destroy us, fight back now by producing more children, not just replacing yourselves but by increasing our population and our race.
Black Pastor - Speaks the truth about White geNOcide!
Black Men are talking about White Genocide

Preventing White Genocide

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