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What The Real Long Term Agenda of the Left Is
by Randal M. Bundy - 07 November 2014
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of the Left, even her own Democrats are trying to find a way to get rid of her!
I have observed for quite some time that these people like Pelosi just can not accept the fact that they are wrong in their ideology when it comes to the majority of American People.  During the 60's and 70's they were subjected to the brainwashing by the old leftists of those days and unlike myself and others, just did not have the ability to recognize it for what it was, an ideology and  doctrine which is completely incompatible with people of a free society.  Karl Marx essentially stole his entire doctrine and philosophy from Sir Thomas More and his book Utopia written in 1516 and credited himself for it’s creation.

However what most people who subscribe to the leftist's plan of Utopia is not at all what was described in the book itself.  This is the ultimate deception of the leftist higherachy.  The secret agenda or the concealed plan of the left, should they ever really gain complete control is the establishment of a three tier social structure, where at the very bottom of course in the workers who have supported the plan with promises by those of the upper tiers of everything they need being provided for them.  The next tier up on their social ladder will be the educators in the classrooms of universities, high schools and grade schools.  At the very top of course will be the ruling elite who are the ones who will be establishing policies that all those below will have to follow.  In this society of course there will be no need for elections and in most cases there will also be no need for what is called upward mobility.  In other words you will remain in whatever class you are born into and that your parents were in.

Now the leftist know that there will be dissention within their society, the brave new world of Utopia and they are prepared to deal with that and those who will not be happy going along with their plans.  Re-education Camps will be provided in which to teach you the errors of incorrect thinking.  When that does not work the leftists will have yet another alternative solution for those who they are unable to reeducated, it's called DEATH.  Yes that's right, the leftists who have designed this plan have stated in clear language that they are willing to KILL as many as 50 % of all people within society in order to insure the other 50% would never think about opposing them.

Now why do I go on about all this?  Because this is what people like Nancy Pelosi and the other leftists have subscribed to long ago.  Now of course she and the others have never openly admitted to it, simply because even they know that they can not succeed at such a thing as this, RIGHT NOW.  However it is and has always been their goal, it is what they leftists ideology is all about. 

Now perhaps you may understand why Gun Control and ultimately ALL gun Confiscation from the general populous is such a hot issue with them.  You see it is all very clear, you can not have a population who possesses the ability to fight back against those whose who intentions it is to exterminate them. 

Insane, you say?  Yes it is and Karl Marx was the most clinically insane of them all, even though he was very well educated and very intelligent.  You have to put away the notion that intelligence and education automatically means compassionate and responsible actions.  Some of the worlds most notorious mass murders have been some of the most intelligent and well educated and the also possessed very impressive educational degrees such as PhD's.  Some had other titles such as Senator, King, Congressman, Emperor, Representative, President, Attorney General but they were stark raving lunatics, homicidal maniacs, rapists, pedophiles, sadists and figures directly out of the most horrific of nightmares.

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