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Answer to a Question put forth to me: "What is the MOS for LRRP's"
by Randal M. Bundy - 04 December 2015

For those who may not know the US Army Military Terminology, let me translate:

is an abbreviation for Military Occupation Specialty.  Or quite simply the training recieved to prepare them to fulfill their specifically chosen jobs while in the army.  
AIT is an abbreviation for Advance Individual Training. - which is the training program that comes after  Basic Training which is what every person goes through to learn to be a soldier.  In the U.S. Marine Corps,  Basic Training is called "Boot Camp".

is an abbreviation for Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol.  Those who are Specialy Trained Troops for LRRP's are often referred to as a LRRP's Team.  

The answer to the question is:  

LRRP's just like Snipers is NOT an MOS designation but is a Qualification Designation.  However back when I was in the U.S. Army and was a first a member of a LRRP's Team and later Commanded a LRRP's Team, most of the members were Drawn from the Specific Combat Arms MOS of 19D Cavalry Scouts and sometimes 11B which was the MOS designation for an Infantrymen.  There may have been various other "Combat Arms" which they were drawn from but these two mentioned MOS’s were the only ones that I was familiar with.  My particular MOS was 19D Cavalry Scout, but I also had achieved many qualification designations from Military schools such as
(1) - Basic Airborne Course - BAC - (Jump School),
When I first arrived at Ft Bragg I was not Airborne Qualified.  At that time Ft. Benning was not available because the course had already begun, so with a waiver I was sent through Airborne School along with foreign Troops being Trained at Fort Bragg by the 5th SF Group.
(2) - Sniper School,
(3) - Recondo School,
(4) - French Commando School,
(5) - IDF Parachute School 
and others.
(6) - Other Specialised Training Schools - LRRP’s Team member received a great deal of advanced training
from various military schools as I had that a regular Cavalry Scout is not required to have. Some of these schools teach subjects which can be critical in missions that LRRP's are often called upon to accomplish. Some of these schools teach subjects such as sniper, demolitions and Advanced Field Intelligence Gathering as well as Counter-Intelligence Training and a few schools situated in and around Langley Virginia and Ft Mead Maryland which few people who have not attended the school have any idea even exist.  They deal with a subject refered unofficially as "a 1001 ways of assasination".  These schools and training were all conducted by several of the three letter alphabet agencies and there existence and subject matter is probably still classified TOP SECRET, so I have nothing further or more specific to say about them.

For some unknown reason to me, the modern day army does not use this term any more and prefers to refer to them as LRSP which means Long Range Surveillance Patrol.  Why the U.S. Army Brass would chose to change the terminology of such a well earned group of highly trained elite soldiers is beyond my understanding. Anyone who was a member of a LRRP's Team had earned the privilege of being known as a LRRP and more often than not had shed blood in battle and often died in the process to fulfill their very difficult and dangerous missions. Those military and political leaders who tamper with an already working system are in my opinion as stupid as school children who do not understand the meaning of "Cause and Effect".  I am referring to the same idiots who chose to issue Black Berets to the every regular army soldier by stripping the black barets away from the U.S. Rangers who had earned it and incorporated the Black Baret as a Ranger Symbol and the Idiots who did this instead made the Rangers convert to wearing the Tan Baret as a symbol of their units.  It would have been far more easy and respectful of the rangers and army tradition to instead issue the Tan Barets to the regular army.  However the idiots who may the rules have not learned what every soldier learns, "If The Damn Thing Works, Don't Fix It".

- Randal M. Bundy - 04 December 2015