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"We Need Another Charles Martel"
by Randal M. Bundy
Charles Martel

He was also known as "Charles the Hammer" and "The Hammer of the Franks".  He was so fierce that he not only stopped the Islamic invasion of Western Europe, he is considered to be a founding father of the Middle Ages and all of the delights that came from it (feudalism, knights and chivalry), and laid the groundwork for the Carolingian empire (he was Charlemagne’s Grandfather). He came to be in a position to lead the army against the invading Muslims, because he was the Mayor of the Palace under the Frankish kings. At that time the Kings were pretty useless and left all of the hard work up to the Mayor. He lost only one battle in his lifetime (the Battle of Cologne) but, most importantly, he won the Battle of Tours (October 10, 732) in which two French towns fought against the armies of the Umayyad Caliphat. The defeat of the Muslim army was very significant and, if the battle had gone the other way, we would probably all be speaking Arabic right now. The French army fought the battle entirely on foot which led many to declare that God had given the French the victory. Oh – and to top it all off he was humble too! Martel refused to accept an honorary title from the Pope for saving Europe.

If there was ever a time in World HIstory that the civilized and Free world needs to fight, it is right now.  The enemy has been let into our own countries by the weak and deranged political leaders of our own Countries. Even some people within our own societies still think they can befriend these Muslim Hords, some of whom pretend to want peace and to coexist with us.

It is all lies and if anyone among us have any doubt as to their true intentions of Conquering and slaughtering us all, and enslaving our woman and children and dooming our descendats to a fate ruled by Islam, then they need only look at what is happening right now in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East and Africa with the conquering ISIS / ISIL and their tactic of accepting surrender of Iraqi Military Forces and then slaughtering them.  Along with their march to victory and the slaughter of the men, the woman are raped before they too are slaughterd.  The Christians, Yazidi and Kurds are also put to the sword.  There is no negotiation with Islam and the Muslims, there is only rape, pillage, plunder and death.  You must be prepaired for the war to come, becasue it will most certainly come.  Those who will not fight are worthless cowards and must be shunned by the rest of us who will fight for our People, Countries,  Societies, Religions, Languages, Cultures, the lives of our families and ourselves.


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