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Randal MacNiall Bundy
Randal M. Bundy, Editor

Be prepared: Wall Street advisor recommends
guns, ammo for protection in collapse
by Randal M. Bundy

I have long said that, every one should be preparing themselves for rough time to come.  I have not been talking about simple weather related incidents thrown at us by mother nature.  I have been talking mainly about collapse of the US economy, Food Riots in the Streets, Race Riots and out right race wars.  I have been talking about absolute “Tree Bark Eating Survival” folks, and now it seems as though even the folks on Wall Street are also putting out similar warnings.

A recent article which I have read mentions one, David John Marotta, who is described as a “Wall Street Expert, Financial Advisor and Forbes Contributor says that he is worried that Obamacare, The NSA Spying Scandal and Spiraling National Debt is increasing the chances for a fiscal and social disaster.  Well this is what I have been saying ever since Obama won the election in 2008 and started referring to his new presidency as "ruling" instead of leading the country.  His words were something to the effect of, “Now that I rule, there will be fundamental change in not only
America but throughout the entire American Landscape“.  People what part of that did not throw up 

warning flags to you.  It should have sent cold chills up the spine of anyone who has any knowledge of history.  I am not a rocket scientists but it was clear to me then that this was not a "Man of the People" this was a “Narcissistic Dictator” much the same as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Mao or any of the other Tyrants of history that the people of this world have been stupid enough to assist in bringing totalitarian dictatorship rule to power.

Now I am glad that David John Marotta finally gets it, he finally understands what people like me have been trying to warn people about for years.  I have to say that if I was in need of a "Financial Advisor" David John Marotta would certainly NOT be my first choice if,  lets say I wanted his expert opinion of what stock to buy.  I might be better off just buying a set of darts and throwing them at a chart of stock hanging on a wall, and wherever the dart lands on, that would be my choice of stocks to buy.  If Mr. Marotta's professional judgment as a Financial Advisor is anything like his choice of leadership in the country, then I will have to pass on him.  As for his credentials, “Wall Street Expert” Financial Advisor and Forbes Contributor” in a true an uncompromising survival situation all that will mean absolutely NOTHING.  

Now the article goes on to say that this Mr. Marotta is recommending that Americans prepare a “bug-out bag” that includes food, a gun and ammo to help them stay alive.  Well I certainly agree with him on that, but I would go on further to say that a family should calculate the minimum food they need to consume for one year and to stock up on canned foods, dehydrated food if possible, and canned meat, canned vegetables, canned Fruit and potatoes.  Do not forget to have as much reserve water as you can store, preferably about 50 gallons because chances are you may have no tap water running in your house.  And don't stop there, what are you going to cook with if you have no electricity and no gas?.  How are you going to provide a minimal amount of heat for your family while you are sheltering in place in your home?  Further more what are you going to do for drinking water after that 50 gallons of emergency water runs out? 

Well let's start with the latter.  Whatever it cost for you to go out to your local home improvement and garden center to buy several of those 40 or 50 gallon drums is worth it to catch the rain water from your roof by way of your gutters.  You'll figure out how to hook it up and transport the water from your container under the downspouts to your garage where you keep you reserve water.  Now also since water is the most important item you will need for consumption, buy a suitable water filter.  Not just the cheap type you screw into your facet, but the kind that are suitable to filter and clean water from a stream or river.  I am not going to go into a lengthy discussion here about survival techniques.  Instead I encourage you to read my survival guide which has instructions, pictures diagrams and videos on everything you will need to need to know in order to survive almost any disaster that could happen and an added benefit,  It's all free: Survival and the Coming Crisis

I am glad that Mr. Marotta who is a Wall Street Expert, Financial Advisor and Forbes Contributor has brought this to the attention of his investors by sending them all a note, and I am glad that it has leaked out to the News Media.  However there is something where I think Mr. Marotta has not done a true service to his investors whom he addressed.  He says that he told them,  “Firearms are the last item on the list, but they are on the list". He goes on to say that, "There are some terrible people in this world. And you are safer when your trusted neighbors have firearms.”  This is where I will take issue with him, firearms should not be considered last on the list, they should be first on the list, plus as much ammunition as you can get a hold of.  You should also have a weapon that is suitable to hunt dear and plenty of ammunition for that weapon to.  You should also if possible have a little 22 caliber rifle which is well suited for hunting rabbits and squeals and again have plenty of ammunition for that also. 

I am an avid hunter and I know how to hunt, trap, fish, and eat things in nature that you would just walk by thinking it was just another tree or bush, but in fact it will save your life, if you find yourself in the undesired situation of being without food.

Mr Marotta is quoted in the article as saying, ""There are some terrible people in this world. And you are safer when your trusted neighbors have firearms.” This is absolutely true but what is more accurate in thinking is that you are safer if you have firearms and know how to use them, know how to clean and take care of them.  The time to think about firearms is NOT after you have stored food and water but the time is now, if you have not already done so.  Because those neighbors who Mr. Marotta refers to will not be very nice and trusting if they themselves have not prepared by storing emergency food, water and supplies.  They will in fact turn very criminal, just like the "Terrible people in this world" that Mr  Marotta refers to.  It is a good idea to already know your neighbors and hopefully they too will have already stocked up supplies and prepared for an emergency like this.  Believe me folks when I say that those who have not prepared, hunger will make you do very horrible things, hunger will turn those people into cannibals.  Unless you want to end up as someone’s food, you better keep that gun in you hands or on your belt at all times.

In the article Mr. Marotta says, "the potential for a “financial apocalypse” may be  one that is not an Armageddon but the possibility of a precipitous decline, although a long and drawn out malaise is much more likely,”   So translating that into understandable English, the collapse may be sudden or it could be slow and creeping.

In his latest note, he said that Americans should have a survival kit to take in case of a financial or natural disaster. It should be filled with items that will help them stay alive for the first 72-hours of a crisis, including firearms.  He goes on to say, ““A bug-out bag is a good idea depending on where you live even if the emergency is just power outages, earthquakes and hurricanes. And with your preparedness you will be equipped to help others who might be in need,” he wrote. “Be prepared. Especially because it keeps you from being scared.”

In my article which I want everyone concerned to read: 
Survival and the Coming Crisis

I outline a survival situation as this
01 - Shelter in Place - A situation has occurred which enables you to Shelter in Place - this could be simply a power outage due to natural causes such as an ice storm or anything else, where the worst case scenario is that you will not be able to obtain fuel from the local gas station either because the roads are impassable or because if there is not power to the pumps, you will get no fuel no matter how much money you are willing to pay.  You will have no power in your home so you will not be able to cook, if it is in the middle of winter, you will have no heat.  If it is a major emergency you may not have any running water.  If you can get to a grocery store, you may very well find out that shelves have already been cleaned off and empty.. 

That is scenario number one and if you have prepared for just such an emergency then those items that you have stored away in your garage will get you and your family through some hard times.

02 - Evacuation - A situation has occurred which requires that in order for you and your family to survive, you must evacuate.  Hopefully in that garage where you have all of your emergency food supplies, you will have all of the other items I speak about in my survival guide. That may include such things as sleeping bags, propane heaters plus spare propane canisters plus spare fuel for your vehicle and a camping stove you will use to cook your food, plus a tent to keep you and your family warm and dry from the elements and a whole lot more.  I always keep my truck topped off with fuel, this will give me a full tank plus the 35 gallons of spare fuel I also keep in my garage just in case we do have to hit the road for an evacuation.  Now you know why I have a Pickup Truck and why I have boxes to put supplies in. 

Read the guide, it's free.
Survival and the Coming Crisis

This scenario of course is not the most desirable.  However when I was in the Army we were taught, “Prepare for the worst and hope for the best“.  The first thing that I would want, right now if I were you would be my weapons.  Those weapons and ammunitions will keep you warm at night just knowing that if you see that dear lingering in your yard during a real survival situation, with that Hunting / survival rifle you have, you, your family and some of your neighbors will have food to eat for several days.  Also that Glock Pistol you have hocked onto your belt will protect you if someone tries to harm you or your family or if there is a race war, you will be glad you have it and that AK-47 you bought a year ago.  Chances are in a survival situation like a national emergency, forget about the police, they will most likely be at home protecting their families, forget about the military, if there is an invasion by an enemy force or a race war, they are going to be too busy to bother with you and your family, and without a gun you and your family are basically helpless.  Remember that that little 22 rifle that I mentioned earlier, see that rabbit or squirrel sitting in your yard?  That’s going to taste pretty good to you after a while.  All you have to do now is learn how to skin it and prepare the meat for cooking.  Don‘t throw away the skins though, you may find they come in pretty handy after your shoes or boots wear out.  You never know how long you will have to survive and don‘t count on the Government to come to your aid, it just isn’t going to happen. 

Now if this later scenario turns out to be the case and you do have to evacuate, where are you going to go, how much time do you have to prepare, what are you forgetting about????? What about the roads?  Everyone in the entire area is also going to be heading for those same roads you are.  Can you imagine what those roads are going to look like?  They are going to be packed.  I have no answer for this situation, except that I will have several dirk bikes in my truck which can be used as a last resort for me and my family.  Remember what the US Marines always say, although I was never a Marine, it is suitable in this case to quote, “Marines are paid to improvise, overcome and adapt.”  So good luck and learn as much now, because when you need it, it will be too late to start learning.

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