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Islamic Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Islam Sharia In America

Islamic Sharia

Wake Up! The Islamic Wolves Are At Your Door
by Randal M. Bundy - 22 October 2014
Islamic Wolves
Obviously these Islamic Terrorist Attacks in Canada are all Conspiracy by ISIS and naturally the Canadian people are right now in a state of shock.  It is in fact text book strategy that ISIS is using Converts to conduct these attacks.  They will also be using people of Muslim background who have either immigrated to Canada or who have been born in Canada of Muslim Immigrant Parents.  Canada can expect much more of this since their political leadership has made the same fatal mistake that the United States, Britain and most European countries have made and that is to allow Muslim Immigration to their countries in the first place.
Islamic Conquest
Is that the Inheritance you leave for your Children and Grandchildren?  Is that the Doom you leave for your Descendants?  Do you want to leave this world knowing that you have condemned your daughters and granddaughters to having to wear a burqa, bowing down with their ass up in their air and praying to a allah?  I don't think so!

How will this end for all of us, and I say All because we are All under attack from the Muslims and on all levels.  It will end in either one of two ways.  Either the Muslims are deported back from where they came, or our leaders will end up surrendering to them.  It will of course not be an official type of surrender as people may think of it as.  It could be in subtle ways as it has been in Britain.  First the Government Officials will actually start considering Sharia Law to apply to first only the Muslims.  In other words our Laws established in our countries will be null and voided when and if a Muslim has committed a crime, lets say against another Muslim, such as their spouses, children and family members. As in Britain they will have Sharia Courts which are recognized by the British Government in certain aspects of the law that pertain to families.  This in itself is a slap in the face to the people of the host country.  To tolerate immigrants coming to your country and demanding they be immune from the laws of your land, is outrages.  What is more outrages is that the host country would even consider such a ridiculous proposition.  The idea that one religion, race or ethnic group be officially recognized as not having to comply with your laws, after you have generously permitted them to settle in your country?  Absurd is what it is, but this is what their motive is.  After achieving that they will go for the bigger fish.  As in Britain they will then demand that they have the community they have settled in or more accurately overrun and lay claim to certain areas of town as their communities.  They will then demand that only their people be permitted their or if other non-Muslims are their these citizens will have to comply with Sharia Law.  They may even require you to consent to only their Muslim Police to patrol these areas which they have claimed.
Islamic Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
I know, you do not believe me do you?  I wouldn’t believe it either because the entire idea is absolutely ridiculous and absurd to even suggest that this could happen, right?  Well it already has happened in both France and Britain.  To a large degree the Governments ion these countries have complied with the Muslims, simply in an effort to “keep the peace”.  What they have really done is surrendered to the enemy.  They may not see it as a surrender, they may think they are simply being “Tolerant”.  However to the Muslims it is a victory and their enemy has surrendered.  This being a victory for them as they see it, well it does not simply end their as that was not really their full intent and goal. 
Islamic Wolfin Sheeps Clothing
They will continue on after a brief segment of appearing to settle down and be good citizens again.  However the present groups will resume and they will reach for even greater heights in their quest for complete Sharia Law, all the while gaining more little victories in their greater war against the Non-Muslim World.  Their will of course be further threats, pressure groups, protest and sometimes deliberately orchestrated violent outbreaks.  It is not difficult for them to find martyrs for their cause, they have warehouses full of wanna-be martyrs willing to either go to jail or die for the long term goal of Islam.  With Islam it is a waiting game, they know this, they are prepared for it and they are forever working toward the end goal. 

These attacks in Canada will predictably be condemned openly by some Muslim Leaders because they have to.  This too is already decided, while privately they are all celebrating these attacks as a victory.  Remember always that Muslims live by their book, the Quran and right their in that book it not only gives them permission to lie to the infidels it encourages and instruct them to do so.  It also demands of them to Slaughter the Infidels, however perhaps not right this moment.  For the moment of course they do not have the numbers to achieve this, their long term goal.  That is ok with them too because as I mentioned before they have time to wait and produced children in enormous numbers of course all paid for by your welfair taxes and benefits they receive.  While you are hard at work to pay for their living, they are out-breading you.  Your population is not keeping up with their’s and in most cases you are not reproducing children at a rate to replace your population who will eventually die off.  Thus it is only a matter of time before the Muslims will simply out populate you in your own country and thus they will be able to out vote you at the polls.  In time they will also eventually be able to outlaw you and your Christian Religion itself. 

I know what your thinking, this could never happen, right?  You have a constitution like the United States does, right?  You have Laws to protect you, History of civil rights, and besides civilized people don’t do that right?  That’s the point that I have been trying to make.  We’re not dealing with people like your grandparents and mine, we are dealing with a population that has no regard for anyone who is not Muslim.

As for the laws, well when they do control the legislatures in our countries, they can write the laws any way they want to.  I am reminded of the War that erupted in Lebanon many years ago, but is still fresh in my mind and the Christian Lebanese who were forced to flee because of the imbalance in their country because they allowed radical Palestine refugees to enter and settle in their countries.  Of course those of us who know the history of those times know that that was the beginning of the problems in Lebanon.  They too had laws protecting non-Muslims, minorities and other racial and ethnic groups. But with the influx of Muslim Palestinians all those laws were simply thrown out the window and war followed.

Now I don‘t suggest this outcome will occur in our life time, but it will in the life time of your children and grandchildren.  Is that the inheritance that you want to leave your children and grandchildren and your descendants?  Do you want to leave this world knowing that you have condemned your daughters and granddaughters to having to wear a burqa and bowing down with their ass up in their air and praying to Allah?

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