World War 3 - Islam Against the World
by Randal M. Bundy - 28 December 2014
World War 3
Randal M. Bundy

World War 3 may very well be a war on 4 fronts and it will have the following charactoristics:

Islam / Muslims
(1) - The main contender will be Islam and the Muslims as this World War will in fact be a primarily a War between Islamic Forces and Non-Islamic Forces. I do not know why people of European and the United States are so eager to deny this fact because the Muslims are not.  Islam makes absolutely no secret of it’s intentions of World Conquest and Domination by Hostile and Violent Means.  One only needs to actually read what it considers it’s holy book, “The Quran” English Edition where it is clear for all to comprehend, even those with the lowest IQ.  In addition to what amounts to be their very own instruction manual one also simply has to be paying attention to current events to see samplings of what they intent for the rest of the world by taking as examples the slaughter they have conducted upon the Coptic Christians of Egypt and Syria and everywhere else in the middle east where ISIS is blazing a path of destruction, devastation and slaughter of all nonbelievers.  We must also not forget the slaughter of the Kurds and the Yazidi as well.  ISIS is actually doing the same thing that Muslim Conquerors have done for 1, 400 years of Islamic history.  Let’s also not forget the bitter destruction of Lebanon over 20 years earlier, which is what should have been a warning sign and a red flag to anyone in any country who would even consider allowing the Barbaric and savage monsters of Islam to immigrate to their lands.

Islam is at war with the entire Non-Muslim World and war is the fundamental basic core of it‘s existence.  In terms of good and evil, Islam reigns supreme as the most Evil cult that has ever been upon this earth.  Mass murderers of history such as Hitler, Stalin, Moa, Pol Pot, even Genghis Khan pale in comparison to Islam.  As a matter of fact you can take all of these mentioned Mass Murders of history and calculate their total slaughter in numbers and it would still not come anywhere near the total number of slaughtered human beings through  history as Islam does.  The total is well above t250 Million and each and every day the number keeps rising.  If European and American people do not stop inviting the Muslims into our country then their millions upon millions will be added to that number.

The people of the world need to wake up and realize this and fight back against it before it is too late.  If you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, or any other religion, in the Free World you have the right to practice your religion in your own way.  In our countries and societies you even free to be Atheist or non-religious all together, however all that will vanish in a blink of an eyes, if Islam and the Muslims are successful in there stated goal of Conquering our countries and imposing Sharia Law upon us.  You might at this time pretend the threat does not exist, you might right now think that Muslim is actually your friend, however eventually you and all of your people will be faced with either conversion to Islam or death at the hands of those very same people you think are your friends.  All freedoms of what we have known and take for granted will be GONE the same as those countries and societies through out history have who have fallen to the Islamic Beast.  If there is anyone who does not believe me, them I encourage you to actually consult the history books, read their own religious book, the Quran and read the statements made by Muslims themselves as to what their ultimate goal is.  You will conclude,  as I have long ago that it is Conquest, Conversion at the point of a sword or a gun or  your death and the enslavement or death of your woman, you sons and daughters and your grandchildren and all those who come after you.

Make no mistake, this is a World War there are a few important things to know.
(a) - The definition of the term, “Take for granted” is "to assume you will never lose something, which is commonly followed by losing it." -  Don’t be one of those people
(b) - The definition of the word, “Coward” is "a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. - Don’t be one of those people.
(c) - The definition of the word, “Traitor” is "a person who betrays a friend, family, country,  principle, their people, a sellout to the enemy, backstabber, double-crosser, fifth columnist. - Don’t be one of those people.
(d) - The definition of the word, “Collaborator” is "a person who cooperates traitorously with an enemy; a defector or a convert." - Don’t be one of those people.

Islam and it's followers, the Muslims are a direct threat to those freedoms that you and I do now enjoy.  Islam is a cult of Conquest, Conversion by the Sword and enslavement.  Those who will not fight back now are cowards who are willing to stand by and watch their entire society, culture, religions, languages and traditions destroyed and their people either enslaved or slaughtered.  Who has created this threat upon our societies?  It is a number of our own people, who are the “Cowards” "Traitors" and “Collaborators” .  

This threat from Islam is present in England, France, Germany, Spain and many more of the countries of Europe whose leaders have basically sold them out to the Muslim Hordes.  Certainly the European Union is to blame for they are part of the orchestrating of these Muslims who are incompatible with us and the rest of the non-Muslim world.  Certainly the leftist-Multiculturalists are to blame but most important of all is the complacency of ourselves for we have allowed all of this to happen ride in front of our very own eyes.  We can not afford to wait around for the reappearance of leaders like Charles Martel and Charlemagne, we ourselves must become active and open in our refusal to allow this invasion of Islam to continue.  We must also prepare ourselves and our families for the battles that will most certainly occur.

In the past European people have, like sheep allowed their governments to disarm the populous through the false belief or hope that an unarmed society will be a safer society.  However at the same time these political leaders allowed the most dangerous and evil elements of the world to freely enter our society to pray upon us and plan for their eventual conquering and slaughter of our own people.  Europe is not alone in this as the same thing is happening in the United States and Canada.  In the United States the threat is also from the Racist invading Hordes of illegal aliens from Mexico, Central and South America and the ever rising radical and racist Black Militants.  

As for Canada, it is true the Muslim threat is much less severe but if they do not also wake up and stop the invasion of their country, then they will wake up one day and find themselves the only one left standing against the Hordes who are also looking toward their lands for conquest nut there wil by then be no one left to provide military aid.

When we are successful in defeating Islam and it‘s forces, we must also be Bold enough, Brave enough and Strong enough to insure the removal of Islam, it’s forces, and it’s influences from our countries and our society.  That's right they will have to be deported back to where they came from.  Even those who were granted citizenship, we must come to the cold hard fact that they too must be removed from our societies in order to save our societies, otherwise we will be making the same mistake of allowing a determined enemy remain and the threat will remain among us and our society will not be safe.  There are already established Islamic Countries where they can immigrate to and they can make the choice of where to go..   

At this point in time you make up your mind to either be a coward, surrender and submit and watch the death of your country and society or for the sake of your children, your grandchildren and your descendants, you fight back and defeat those forces of evil which are now waging war against you from within your own country.  

It really is not that difficult a choice to make because you are fighting for your very life and the lives of your children, grandchildren and your people. 

Race Wars
(2) - this war may also have apects of a Race War between Black and White participants.  Obviosly anyone within the white communities through out the United States and Europe should by now be able to see quite clearly that not only is their race being threatened with extinction by interbreading with us, but they are also out populating us as well and as this continues, there are becoming more openly hostile toward us, whom they have always been racist toward.  With Obama becoming president of the United States, the Racist blacks have become empowered and their racist attacks are becoming more blatant and open.  HOwever the Justice Department under Eric Holdree refuses to acknowledge any of these racial assaults committed by blacks toward white as Rasist attacks. To blame also for this is the leftist Mainstream media who for the most part of 50 years or so have deliberately covered it up and not reported any of the racial caractoristics of these racial assaults, unless the victim was black.  In other words they indorsed the belief that Only whote people are capable of racism, which the rest of us who live in the real world knew different.

War of Ideology between Left and Right
(3) - The Fifth Column - Traitors and Callaberators from within our own countruy and society who becasue of their leftists Ideology they have allied themselves with those elements they percieve as being able to help them take this country by force.  

War between Invading Forces from South of Our Borders
(4) - Other Aspects of this War could be between the predominately White Ameica and invading elements driven by the Azteca/Mexico/Central and South America who are in a loose allience against the White Society. They may be percieved by the incorrect term of "Hispanic" but it will in fact be a race war and a war of Conquest, as defined by them and will be against White and in part against Blacks of American as they are also considered by these forces ass their enemy.  What I mean by that is these "Hispanic Forces" consider the "Black Population of North America to be there enemies as well as the Whites, although they will attempt to draw the Blacks in as allies in a joint effort to defeat the white forces and if that does work, they will eventially also turn on the blacks as well.  There will also be others behind the scenes who will see this as an opportunity to side with our enemies to work against us.  Perhaps the Chinese and various other ethnic groups who may not be allied with the whites.

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