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WARNING: Obama is Committing National Suicide
The Cold Reality
Considering the statistics based upon the spread of Ebola in the infected countries of Africa, if this outbreak continues, if Obama is allowed to continue his open travel policies of allowing travel to and from those countries and their is no cure, the fatality rate is estimated between 60% on the low side and 90 % on the high side. The American Population right now is estimated at  316,128,839.  Run the numbers for yourself and hopefully you will understand the severity of the stupidity or the  "Deliberate Sabotage" of our nation, society and our people, not to even mention the economic collapse that will certainly occur as a direct result.  Also it is important to consider the indirect deaths that can occur among people who may survive the initial sweeping disease, some of which include starvation, lack of medical care, exposure to harsh weather conditions and lack of proper social order and law enforcement breakdown.  Some experts place those numbers around 30% of the people who did survive the disease itself. - Randal M. Bundy 04 October 2014
Ebola Outbreak Confirmed in:  Dallas Texas  /  Possible Outbreaks in:  Rockville, Maryland; Washington, DC; Hawaii;  Cobb Co. Georgia; Newark New Jersey Airport;  Penn. State University Campuses

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