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Vatican Occupied by The Forces of Darkness
by Randal M. Bundy - 10 June 2015
Demons of Darkness
This Evil Entity is not new.  It has been around for a very long time.  It takes many forms, many faces and speaks many different languages, but it is the same beast that we have all been warned about.

I think it might be accurate to say that I will not be receiving any invitations from the Vatican to personally meet with the Pope any time in the near future.  Oh well for the sake of honesty and the future of Mankind, things must be told.  I think it is only right that since I am pissing off all of the other Leftists, Cowards, Traitors and Frauds in the world, I must not discriminate against nor forget those who reside in the Vatican.  

A very interesting thing with my particular company sever is that it gives me a read out of locations in which my website is being viewed.  One of my largest viewers indicates, "The Vatican".  

Perhaps my harsh words will fall upon ears that will in fact begin to be recognised as an indication of the crying out of Christians through out the world who are being discriminated against, persecuted and slaughtered by the Legions of Satan.  Perhaps those who consider themselves the leadership of the Christian world will in fact realize that the same beast who is killing the faithful members of the Chritians Religion, will eventially focus on those Residing in the Vatican.  

Perhaps they will realize that they must eventially find the courage to stand up against that beast as some of us already are. 

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