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Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of History should have been able to predict that this or something like it would have happened from the Muslim Cleric.  At the very core of every Muslim, the DO NOT WANT PEACE.  What they will accept is, "Some Down Time" in between battles to rest and restock their supplies for the next phaze of their eternal War against anyone who are Non-Muslims.
Muslms in The Vatican
Regarding This Nonsense of "Islam as a Peacful Religion"
The Koran is replete with admonitions to commit violence and terror. What can Pope Francis possibly mean by saying that a “proper reading” of the Koran shows that it is “opposed to every form of violence”? There are many violent passages in the Old Testament as well, but Christians believe that these have to be understood in light of the New Testament. However, there is no New Testament in Islam. Islam’s other “sacred” documents such as the Sira (the life of Muhammad), the Hadith (collections of the words and deeds of Muhammad), and the various law manuals confirm the violent teachings of the Koran. These books give us a fuller picture of Islam than does the Koran, but in no way do they soften or reinterpret the violent passages. If anything, they cast doubt on the peaceful passages. The Islamic doctrine of abrogation, which is based on sura 2:106 of the Koran, holds that if two passages in the Koran contradict each other, the later verse cancels or abrogates the earlier verse. Since most of the peaceful Koranic verses come from the early Meccan period, many Muslim authorities hold that they are superseded by the latter violent verses.
Pope Francis should not have allowed Muslim Quran prayers from Vatican
Vatican Invokes Satanic Qur'an on Pentecost | Rise of the Global Religion
Pope Francis Declares Himself the Antichrist and Lucifer "the Father"
Vatican Acknowledges World War III
but Still Won't Name the Enemy
by Randal M. Bundy - 13 September 2014
Pope Francis
I've read the article to titled:  
Pope says world's many conflicts amount to piecemeal World War III

Well, "Welcome to the Party", You Holiness.  You are now acknowledging what the rest of us have known for quite some time.  

I do know that my words have previously be read by those within Vatican City and I know that everyone who resides in 
Vatican City are in some way or another associated with the Holy See, so I can only presume that my words will actually make there the right person at the top eventially.

Many people of "regular social status" have recognized for many years now  that we are seeing the world devolve into what certainly is World War III and I am not the only one who has made these warnings.  Although these warning were heard by many people in "higher social status" of life, such as most of those who residene is Vatican City,  actually few paid any real attention.  Very Few of our Relgious and Political Leaders possessed the courage and convicctions to actually address the issue and acknowledge the obvious threat that "Islam does present" to our societies and populations from the past, 1,400 years right up to this present time.

The People of the world have suffered at the hands of the Demonic Threat of Islam, yet we have even seen our Political Leaders and Government Officials condemn and redicule those who do speak out against Islam.  We have even seen these leaders welcoming the Legions of this Demonic Cult invited and welcomed into our own nations among us and our families as immigrants.  We have also even seen these Demonic Forces being invited in and welcomed by the Pope into Vatican City to conduct their prayers to their god "Allah" whcih can only be considered sacraligious.  It also, in the eyes of Islam amounts to a Victory for Islam for them pray to their god in the House of their enemy, which the The Vatican is in fact considered the Center of the Christian World.  The Holy See has in fact handed this victory into the hands of those whose entire religious instrctions are centered on the very destruction of ALL Non-Mulsim Religions.  Why is it that I can see this all important symbolism of victory, yet those who should be aware of it, do not.

Muslim Imam at Vatican’s Prayer for Peace Event prayed for “Victory over the Infidels”!

I have seen this Pope hosting this "Inter-Faith Peace Event" at the Vatican with Jews, Muslims and Christians all of whom submitted text of their Speeches and Prayers they would be conducting, yet the Muslims Cleric Deliberately deceived the Pope by going off script and proceeded to utter a prayer for “Victory Over The Infidels.”.  Now this was in the Vatican Gardens on Pentecost Sunday.

Anyone with even the slightest knowledge of History should have been able to predict that this or something like it would have happened from the Muslim Cleric.  At the very core of every Muslim, they DO NOT WANT PEACE, only victory and defeat of their started enemies.  What they will accept from time to time is, "Some Down Time" to rest and restock their supplies for the next phaze of their "Eternal War" against anyone who are Non-Muslims.

That was not the only deception conducted by an Islamic Cleric toward a Roman Catholic Pope.  Pope Frances' Predisesor once met with Islamic Clerics inside of an Islamic Mosque and not understanding Arabic, he was instructed that by the Cleric, "by Praying in our Mosque you hereby are converting to Islam, donouncing your god,  acknowledging Allah as being the only true god and devoting your life to Islam".  Of course he could not understand a word that was being spoken, and his only translator was an Arabic Muslim who knew exactly what he was leading the Pope into, and the Pope fell right into the trap.

Now even though one can say, he was decieved and therefor everything agreed to is null and voide, to the Muslism it was a victory.

Remember this, you cannot enter into any agreement with Muslims or anyone representing Islam.  For proof I site there own words spoken and published by Saudi Clerics.  ......"an oath of allegiance pledged to ISIS is null and void, and should not be adhered to. It is worthless,” is forbidden to cooperate with ISIS in any way, since this is considered a betrayal of Allah, His Messenger and the Muslims. It is forbidden to reach any agreement or truce with them.”
Now although this statement was recently spoken regarding ISIS the same is considered of any Muslim who makes an agreement with any Nonmuslim, the same applies.  Any suich agreement is null and void and is not recognized, including any treaty or agreement.

As a note regarding this satement sited above by Saudi Arabian Clerics in regards to ISIS, it was Saudi who financed ISIS.  It was only after ISIS decalred their intentions to also eventially defeat Saudi Arabia and take control of the Holy Cities of Mecca and Medina, did the Kingdon of Saudiu Arabia turn against ISIS and attempt to recruit Western Countries to fight and destroy ISIS.  Prior to that ISIS was in good graces with both the Sunni Clerics of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royal Family and the Kingdon of Saudi Arabia itself.  

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