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University Violates 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press to Pamper to Muslims
by Randal M. Bundy - 08 April 2015
American Sniper
Now we find that another American University, infiltrated by leftists has refuse to recognise and permit 1st Amenment Rights
of Freedom of Speech and Freedon of the Press.  That's right folks the very same leftist type University Officials who 40 years ago were screaming and yelling and falsely accusing the U.S. Government of attempting to deny them their 1st Amendment Rights is now doing just that.  I went University with some of the same type of idiots that now run the Universities who back in those days were trying to shut down the scools and classrooms where people were actually trying to obtain their education and get on with their lives.  Thus back them they were absolutely attempting to deny others their rights to attend classes.  Now we find theswe same types of idiots attempting to censor Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press by refusing to allow the screening and viewing of the movie American Sniper becasue a few well organized and Orchastrated Muslims assert that the movie offends them.  However keep in mind that no one is required to view the movie and no one is being graded on it.

The Muslims objections to it and their ddemands that the movie NOT BE SHOWN on campus, is just one more example of Muslims attack upon the United States and the rights of American People.  It is just one more little battle in a greater war of Islamic Conquest of the entire World.  Anyone who gives in to such rediculous demands is playing right into the hands of the enemies of Freedom and Liberty.

It is so typical of leftist radicals, weaklings and quislings to Pamper to Muslims whose are in fact the well  organized instand hire a mob drones of the local mosques or the Muslim Brotherhood. Their so called offence to the viewing of a movie, "American Sniper" which pertaining of the Patriot American Hero, Chris Kyle was predictable.  So is the fact that when it comes to these same people who claim to be offended by it are not at all offended nor outraged by the beheading of Christians, Kurds, Yazidi or anyone else ISIS persecutes.  The same Muslims who are offeded are also not at all offended or outraged by the rapes of non-muslims, including children and the unequal treatment of woman in all Muslim societies.

Well gee! Bo, Ho, Ho for the Muslims who are offended that the movie American Sniper which was schedualled to be viewed on university campus.  The Muslims demanded that it not be show becasue they felt threatened and were scared.  Did the University make it mandatory that everyone, including the Muslims in the University Watch the film?  NO of course not!  No one was required to view it.  

The Muslims of course are granted the freedom in America to watch it or Not Watch it.  Yet they objecting to anyone else excercising their freedoms to watch it.  The Muslims say they did not feel safe with the movie being shown.  Well I am sure that many Christian and Jewish students at the University do not feel safe with Muslims in the same classrooms with them, can we demand they be removed from the classroom becasue we feel threatened and unsafe?  NO of course not.  The fact is that as long as their is one single Muslim alive on the planet who adheres to the teachings of Quran no one who is non-muslim should feel safe.  

What the university should have told the students who objected was if you don;t like the movie or the subject matter, don't watch it, but little assholes, your not going to get away with refusing to let others who do want to watch it do so.  However that would actually require the University Officials to actually possess a set of balls that we all know Leftist-Liberal's do not have.

So the Muslims have yet against been successful at what we should all realize is yet another assault upon our society and our freedoms by playing their little games.  It is all yet another typical veiled attack upon non-muslims in the long hisotory of 1,400 year quest of Muslim domination over the entire world.

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