Unconventional Warfare by Randal M. Bundy - 2015 Copyright
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Guerrilla Warfare
This article is an accumulation of various duscusions which occured at Military Specific Lectures given at various speaking engagements where the subject matter was the use of Unconventional Warfare When You're fighting an enemy who is clearly Conducting A War of Racial, Ethnic or Religious Annihilation.  In such cercumstance as that I personally am of the opiionion that all standard rules of Warfare go out the window in favor of destroying your enemy as quickly and effectly as possible.  The warfare that I speak of can be viewed as a very dirty war but one that is necessary since your enemy has directly and intetionally targeted Non-Combatents such as your entire civilian population consisting of your unarmed pulation of woman, children, ederly, and those who are not part of your military forces.  It is they who have iunitiated this action as a means to completely eliminate your entirte race, ethnic group or your religion.
In Military Warfare there consists of Regular Forces and there are Irregular Forces of which both sides of any conflict use although with the case of Irregular there use is generally not admitted, disclosed, acknowledge or talked about.

Since I prefer to keep things as simple and clear as possible I will not be using a jumble of complex military terms along with their various definitions, which usually just complicates what I am trying to write about.  So when I refer to Guerilla Warfare and the Guerillas, I am refering to the Soldiers or armed civilians who use these specialized techniques and tactics.

However if the reader does want to clutter up their mind with some of the many and complex terms feel free to research the following other related terms:  Guerrillas, Guerrilla Warfare, Partisans, Unconventional Warfare, Irregular Warfare, Asymmetric Warfare, Special Forces, Recondo, Commando, Reconnaissance, Sniper, Scouts, Airborne, etc.

During this article I will be using only the Terms "Commandos", "Guerrilla Warfare" and "Guerrillas" to describe a certain type of Warfare and those who are Specially Trained for "Unconventional Warfare" which is often referred to as "Irregular Military Forces".  There may be some people who like and enjoy the complexity of terms but I am of the opinion that rather your instructing Officers, NCO's or Enlisted Men in preparation for war, keep things as simple, direct and easy to understand as possible.

Guerrillas, Partisans and Resistance Fighters generally refer to civilians that have joined in a war to fight against an enemy which may be either a foreign invading force or an internal enemy who may consist of their own countrymen during a time of revolution or civil war brought on by Political, Religious, Ethnic or Racial differences and conflicts.  These Guerrillas Forces or units may be under the direction of Regular Military Forces and aided and supplied by Special Forces or Commandos or they may not be.  They may resupply themselves by that which they can take from ambushing and killing enemy forces.

The term Guerrilla Warfare is used to describe a certain Unconventional Warfare Tactics and Techniques used by Guerrillas to fight an enemy but is also used by Irregular Military Forces which have been specially trained in Unconventional or Guerrilla Warfare often referred to as Commandos or Special Forces.