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Randal M. Bundy

United States Under Obama - Nazi Germany 1934
By Randal M. Bundy

Imagine Life in Nazi Germany in 1934?  You are unfortunately about to find out.  History really does keep repeating itself over and over again.  The Evil that incarnated in Nazi Germany is the same as what has risen in the United States now with Obama as Supreme Tyrannical Dictator. The evil never really died in 1945 with Hitler,  That man from Austria was only a vehicle for this same evil entity that has incarnated many times, in many different places. I am sure the people of Germany the same as the people of the United States uttered the same words, "That can never happen here".   The reality is that it simply reestablished itself many times over the years.  It changes it's name, it's face, it may use different slogans and waive different flags, but it is the evil over and over again.  It catches a people when they are at their weakest point in their lives and it mesmerizes them and it grows and in time it devourers all, even those who have supported and promoted it.  I was never one of those people as I have not only opposed this evil beat from the very beginning, I have spoke out and tried to warn the populous the same as some did when Hitler first gained power in Germany.  By 1934 it was too late, as the people of Germany had already reached the point of no return and the scales were tilted and the people found themselves gazing down into that dark abyss.
Obama Youth Hitler YouthHitler Youth Salute
Can you see?  The Same Gesture with the Obama Youth and the Hitler Youth

For one such as myself whose favorite subject of study is history, the similarities between this president who has usurped the office and those dictators of the past, there is no mistake in my mind that we are in fact now standing on the edge of and looking down into that very same dark abyss that the German people were in 1934. 

Many people of that time and that place, all well educated and well experienced in life simply could not understand why their fellow countrymen could not see the peril they were in.  They also could not understand how their fellow countrymen could allow this evil to take hold in their society.

We people in the United States are now standing at that same edge and we look down into that very dark place.  Some of us see the beast that stares back at us.  That besat knows that we recognize him.

Nazi Germany Timeline - 1934

11 April 1934 Pact of the Deutschland: Hitler persuades the top officials of the army and navy to back his bid to succeed Hindenburg as president, by promising to "diminish" the three-million-man plus SA and greatly expand the regular army and navy.

20 April 1934 Gestapo is transferred from Göring to Himmler & Heydrich, who begin to integrate it into the SS.

16 May 1934 German officer corps endorses Hitler to succeed the ailing President Hindenburg.

30 June to 2 July 1934 Night of the Long Knives or Blood Purge: On pretext of suppressing an alleged SA putsch, much of the brownshirt leadership (i.e. Ernst Röhm) are arrested and executed. Schleicher and other political enemies are murdered. Papen briefly imprisoned; between 150 and 200 were killed. The SS, formerly part of the SA, now comes to the forefront.

Hitler Youth Gester Obama Youth Gesture
Can you see?  The Same Gesture with the Obama Youth and the Hitler Youth

13 July 1934 Defending the purge, Hitler declares that to defend Germany he has the right to act unilaterally as "supreme judge" without resort to courts.

2 August 1934 President Hindenburg dies. Hitler issues a decree appropriating to himself the powers of the President, including supreme military command. The decree is illegal but goes unchallenged.

3 August 1934 The army swear oath to Hitler.

19 August 1934 The German people in a plebiscite overwhelmingly (90%) approve merger of the offices of President and Chancellor. Hitler assumes the new title of Führer und Reichskanzler (leader and Reich chancellor, respectively).

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