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U.S. Military
  1. U.S. Army Officer told to Leave daughter's School because of his Army Uniform
  2. Should Bergdahl Be Executed  for Desertion and Treason?
  3. Retired Generals Stand Up against Obama's Misuse of American Military
  4. Military Topics - LRRPs (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol)
  5. Mexican Military Cross US Border, Fire on US Border Patrol Agents as cover for Pushing Drug Mules Across US Border
  6. General Petraeus Obviously a Target of Obama perhaps for what he knows that Obama Fears
  7. Ferguson Left Unprotected as the Govenor Orders National Guard to Stand Down
  8. American Sniper Versus Selma
  9. American Military
  10. American Military Targeted For Destruction By Obama
  11. Alert to All Police Officers, Government Officials and Employees and News Media and their family members
  12. Abuse of the Military by Obama, Clinton and Other Presidents and Politicians

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