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U.S. Government Takeover by the Leftists

It can no longer be labeled by the Mainstream Media as a "Conspiracy Theory" to be written off as something believed by lunatics and "Fringe Elements",  it is in fact a Reality and has been all along.  Do you see now how easily it is for the leftist manstream media to have manipulate and controled the beliefs, thoughts and voting actions of the populous?  In the past we who were trying to warn the populous were labeled as "Crazies" but you know what?  We were right all along.

The leftist Infiltration, Corruption and Takeover of all U.S. Government Agencies and Branches of Government has been an ongoing endevour for quite a number of years.  Even before the end of the second waorld war it was the goal of the Communits to eventially conquor by infiltration.  Karl Marx wrote about this as a means of his followers to achieve the power they needed to tople the Governmnets of the world, from the inside".  

Joe McCarthy tried to warn us of this and people laughed at him, pretended outrage and indicnation, but what he was saying was and still is true today.  What's worse is that the infiltration is now so broad and complete that it is not just in various key government agencies, it is systematic and even in all of the three branches of government.  The following articles pertain to this subject and the threats this is to the freedom loving people of the United States and the entire world.   You see my friends, it is not just the American people who will suffer from this, it is the entire world.

When Obama usurped the Presidency, with the aid of his fellow leftists and with the help of those who are in the camp of the Muslim Conqurers, one of his first tasks was to select someone to apoint Attorney General.  Obama selection was a person who was a Leftist, a Black Racist and if not a Islamist himself he was at least sympathetic to the Islamic Cause.

Mainstream Media - Although not an official government agency, the mainstream media does function as Obama's Propaganda Agency.  Most of the mainstream media has been right there with the leftists cause from the very beginning.  There tools and weapons?  Mass Manipulation of the truth and distorting facts and ommitting the news events that do not support the leftist goals.

Executive Branch
FEMA and the Grand Deception - Not much difference between them and the SS Death Camps of Nazi Germany or the Gulags of Russia, China and North Korea.

John Brennan CIA


Justice Department


Secret Service

U.S. Military

Social Security

Internal Revenue Service

Department of Education

Department of Energy

Judicial Branch
The Courts and the Supreme Court

Legislative Branch
Congress and the Legislative Branch

Police Departments across the country, particularly the big cities

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