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UK Police Go After Soft Targets instead of
the real National Threat from Muslims

by Randal M. Bundy - 15 October 2014
UK is a Police State
The Association of Chief Police Officers' (ACPO), the body that represents senior police officers in the United Kingdom, has begun a campaign to send police to enter the homes of legal gun owners to snoop on them. Many of those receiving visits cannot understand why they are being targeted and suspect it is to discourage gun ownership in Britain.

As an American I look upon this and ask, how is it that a Police Union can just authorize such an action, truly it appears as though the UK is an actual Police State that their Police Union has the authority to initiate this.  How is it that the UK's legislative Branch of Government has authorized such Police State Action as this.

Perhaps the UK Police should spend their time and resources actually monitoring who the real enemies and threat to their country are.  It is not the Real British people, it is the Muslim Hordes who your leftist-bleeding heart liberals invited to come and live with you who you should be more concerned with.  The have admitted they have NO loyalty to anything other than Islam.

First the UK Government banned personal owned firearms, while inviting millions of Muslims into their country while ignoring every single aspect of history.  Now while the threat is reaching critical mass what do they do?  They select the soft targets, the law bidding people who still do own firearms which are mainly for hunting purposes.  It is of course simply a charade to make people think they are doing something that might protect the good citizens.  In fact they all appear to be a bunch of, "Keystone Cops" bumbling around and who are actually themselves unable to protect the "Real British People" who the police really should not be bothering at all.  They should be focusing on any one of the thousands of Mosques which have been built across Britain.

People of Britain the Muslims are conspiring to take over your country by force.  Wake up and demand your rights as a Human being to protect yourselves by throwing off the ridiculous Gun Control Laws.  After you have accomplished that then you need to re-incorporate the Gun Culture back into your society by encouraging target shooting and introduce it to the youth at an early age with what we have known as , "The Daisy BB Gun" for children.

One day you will be fighting for your very lives against the Muslim Hoards.  It will be too late then to wake up and decide you should have been prepared for that inevitable day.  

Do not listen to those idiot Anti-Gun people who have by now been completely proven to be wrong when they assured you in the past that your society would be safer if No One Own Firearms, they lied to you then as they have also lied to you about Multiculturalism.  Join the Resistance and fight back, for now through pressure with Legal measure upon your legislators, but in necessary in the not too distant future, then by whatever means necessary to ensure the continuation of your Society and your people from those who would annihilate you.

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