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Former UK Defence Sectary says:  Isis Could Bring Terror to Britain Unless It is Confronted Now
June 15, 2014
UK former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, says ISIS (ISIL) could bring Terror to Britain unless it is confronted now
by Randal M. Bundy

I can not help but to scratch my head and wonder where does the Governments of the US and UK find such idiots to put into power?  I hate to be the one who has to wake Liam Fox up from whatever dream world he has obviously been living in most of his life but the threat of radical Islam is already there in Britain.  Every single Muslim the British Government has allowed to immigrate to the UK over the past 20 years does in fact present a very real and serious threat to the Security of the Entire UK.  In fact what burocrates like the former Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary failed in their first task, which is to protect the people of Britain.  Yes, Mr Former Defence Secretary that means you too.
    If I am able to learn from history of Islam and the Muslims and study the Quran and understand that it is all of Islam and it's adherents who present a clear and certain threat to the rest of the Non-Muslim world, then why can't these idiots who were privileged to go to the finest and most expensive schools in the United Kingdom?
    Above comments by Randal M. Bundy

Cameron and Fox
Photo above:  Cameron and Fox - both idiots who attended the finest and most expensive schools in the UK and still are as stupid as a couple of monkeys  hanging on to a vine.  Both have failed to learn anything at all from history nor the instructions of conquor written right their in the Quoran.

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