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The U.S. Government for some ridiculous reason still believes we will all just accept their nonsense explanations for UFO's, Aliens and Extraterrestrials report sighting and reports as being only Swamp Gas or other such nonsense.  The government officials for equally unknown reasons thinks that we alone can not handle the true fact that we humans are not alone in this universe and obviously are not alone on this planet either. What an arrogant bunch of idiots they are who occupy the bureaucratic halls of every single government agency that exists and of which our tax dollars pay their salaries. Following are numerous Reports involving all topics which I can find regarding this subject.  Please keep in mind these reports do not originate from me and do not find it too mysterious if they suddenly disappear from youtube or wherever I find them.  Remember that the tentacles of those same Idiot bureaucrats do have control over youtube and google and they think of themselves as being the gate keepers of the mysteries who are only entitled to know the truth.  Be like me my friends and keep pursuing the truth.

It is my belief that the age old question of (a) who we are and (2) how we came to be on this planet is by now very clear to most of us.  If you are like me, then you too already know the truth or at least suspect that in fact our distant origin is from somewhere else.  You will probably also know the true reason or motive for this knowledge to have for so long been suppressed from us and that reason is fear by those in power and control of loosing their strangle hold over us, who they view as nothing more that mere peasants and slaves and a constant source of their inflated and unearned income. 

In the old days of the Dark Ages, the Religious Clergy, The Royals and the Nobility were the only ones who could read and write. This gave them a complete monopoly over what the "Common Man" had knowledge of and also what he thought.  Back then those who considered themselves to be elitists were very happy with the arrangements that existed. and were very disappointed when Block Printing came into existence and thus man's "Great Awakening” began on a mass scale.  Things have really not changed much over the centuries of our existence and the existence of those who still consider themselves to be among the elite and privileged.  Knowledge and Truth is for all and is a divine right bestowed upon us by the Creator when he gave us a brain and a free will.  He created all of us with the ability and the desire to also always seek the answers. Always continue your quest and search for the truth my brothers and sisters of the Stars. Never be content with what others may want you to believe or accept. 

- Randal M. Bundy - 28 November 2015

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