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UFO's, Aliens, Extraterrestrials
by Randal M. Bundy

Lights in the Evening Sky

Man has always been asking the same persistant three part question throughout history: 
(1) - do UFO's Exist
(2) - are there Aliens or Extraterrestrial visiting our planet and
(3) - are they perhaps living here right now among us?  


It's pretty obvious that the Government is not going to tell us truthfully, although I believe they are in possesion of all the answers to our quetions.  By now everyone should have a pretty clear understanding that all governments exist in a state of perpectual secrecy about everyhting they actually do.  Of course once a year or so they seek aprove from us, "The Little People" of all those expensive NASA projects and they spoon feed just enough selected information so that we will sign off on all those expensive budgets and continue funding there so called, "Space Research".  By now we should all realize all that is only a cover for whatever the hell they are really doing,  which they never intend for us to find out about.

Is there life on other planet?  I personally find it hard to believe that there would not be.  If I was a GOD who creaated all of this universe, why would I be content with just one world of life?   There are in fact thousands of Galaxies and probably millions of planets and certainly on uncountable planets there must also be life.  Now that life may certainly be much different that ours is.  Worth considering also is what degree of technological advances any of those civilizations might have.  In our own world there are still isolated societies in remote places around the world where there are still people who are basically living in the stone age and all of the advances in technology they have are completly unknown to them.  Television, Radio, Cell Phones, Internet and oll of what we take for granted simply have not been introduced let.  The have knowledge of fire, stone tools which they would have been able to develope from those things they have found right there in their own wilderness.  The cloths they make, the food they eat and the tools and weapons all originating right there.  

So when we consider that among all those stars existing in the sky there might very well have planets circeling them.  Perhaps one of those planets are like our's here that have the life sustaning envirnment necessary for that life to flurish.  Perhaps according to GOD's plan one of those planets does have a life form that has achieved an advance level of existance.  There path of advancement may very well have differred from our's but p[erhaps their technology also advanced to tthe point to where they, like us have sought to answer the same questions that we have.  Undoubtably they too would have been searching for the same answers, "is there life out there"?

In very ancient documents, painting and scibeling on cave walls of our own primitive ancestors we see this same fasination for the sky and what is out there.  Primitive man with only the ability to make fire, which in his time would have alone been a very valued technology.  In the tribe there would have been a selected number of people whose sole job would have been, "Keepers of the Fire".  With them the tribe would have been threated with death by the cold elements of winter and the inability to cook there food.  However that primitive man living in a cave and guarding and feeding that fire still found time to wonder as he look up at the evening sky and saw that most beautiful work of Art that GOD had painted for mankind to enjoy and appreciate, the stars, the planets and the moon.  I also imagine that on other planets there are families who are right now looking into there night sky and in addition to enjoy that beautiful painting that the same GOD created for them to enjoy, they too are wonder, what is out there.

To me the evidence is clear that there must be life out there although we may not see anything more than unknown lights in the evening sky.  Lights that can not be excused as mear lights of a plane, or swamp gas or Saturn or any of the other excuses provided by the Government agents.  We can walk through the forest in the day time and stumple upon a tree that obviosly had been struck by lightning.  We never witnessed the lightning strike, we never ehard the sounds of lightning, we never saw the small fire that came afteer the strike, but the evidence is there and is it is clear to us of what caused it.  There might be some governmetn agent who would want to keep us from panicing by saying, "No that was not caused by lightning strike, that was caused by a fungus".  However we all know the truth the same as we all have a pretty good idea that some of the things that we have been seen in the evening sky are just simply not what they, the government agents are telling us they are.

Man's Origins and the connection to Aliens

Where do we come from?  Sure you might come from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, The Middle East or South America, but where do we all originate from.  I know the entire creation story as written in the bible, but let's set that aside for a little while and just consider some of the theories which have been considered by others.

Many of the very Ancient Recorded Legends that have been preserved in text form strongly hint at man's origine being "The Stars". Scientists, Researcher and Archilogist Sacaria Sichin agree be conclude that ancient Surain Clay Tablets reveal that Man's origin is from right here on earth, as man in his very primitive form.  According to interpretations of these Sumarian Tablets man is a cross breed or hybrid of Visitors from another world or perhaps even a diminsion.  They were identified by a name Annanoki and they breed through scientific means between themselves and early humans, perhaps the Neandathol or even an earlier species to produce a final version of mankind that we are today.

We also read in the ancient Hebrew text from Genasis the statement:  "Let Us Make Man in Our Image".  Everyone of the Christian world should know that verse, but who was GOD talking to since it is clear that he was talking to someone when he used the words "Let US make Man in Our Image".  Was this translation from an earlier script simply mistranlated or misinterpreted?  It is easy for Religious Leaders to just pass over such details when offering an explanation to their faithful.  It is also easy for those same religious leaders to ingore the earlier ancient recorded documents such as The Epic of Gilgamash as well of course as the Sumarian Tablets which have come to public light. For those who have not read these two I recommend (1) - Seven Tablets Of The History Of Creation
and (2) - Epic Of Gilgamesh and you will see that Genesis is Explained as well as the Great Flood and according to the Sumarian Tablets there was a hand of Man's Alien ancesters involved in that Great Flood.