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Tulsa Police Captain DEFIES Illegal Order to Celebrate Islam and then is punished

Tulsa Oklahoma Police Captain Defies Illegal Order to "Celebrate Islam" and then is punished
by Randal M. Bundy - 19 September 2014
Police Captain, Paul Fields Tulsa Police Department and the City of Tulsa
Do the Political Leadership who runs Tulsa Oklahoma extend the same courtesy or special privileges to the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist Religions as they do to the Muslims?  No of course they do not, so why should the adherents of Islam be afforded any "Special Privileges", "Courtesy" "Consideration" or "Treatment" from the city and police?  Are they now to study these other religions in order to do there jobs?  Of course you and I know that this is just the weak, leftist liberal types of people who have somehow wormed there way into the city political systems that are behind this, "Out Reach Program".  Some idiot on city council or perhaps even the Mayor came up with this "Brilliant idea".  All those years of higher education has now proven to be a complete waist of time and money.  Why is it that I am aware of the true motives of Islam, and these idiots in politics do not?  With the adherents to Islam, everything they do is geared toward Jihad.  Sometimes in subtle ways and other times direct violent confrontations.  The invitation of the Islamic Clerics to visit their Religious Institution, their Mosque is an attempt of conversion in subtle ways and they are using the institutions of our own Country against us.  The weak and naive Character of the Politician or in this case the Chief of Police is being used against our society by a so-called religion whose intent is to destroy the very same freedoms and liberties that allow them to worship their own god in their own way, while there intent is to deny All Others these same rights. 

Now we must remember that for the past 50 some odd years that I can remember American Society has been subjected to a constant bombardment by the Atheists to remove "Religion" from the schools as well as from all aspects of  Government.  They have sited the concept of, "Separation of Church and State" as though it was part of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, which by the way, it is not.

These idiots removed prayer to GOD, or the Great Creator or the supreme being from our schools.  They have removed required the removal of any display or reference to GOD from any State, city or public lands and property.  Yet here we have the Leadership of the city requiring that Police Officers visit a Mosque and listen to instructions from the Islamic Clerics in regards to Islam.  Clearly this violates all of those issues they and their type of people said did not belong in school, on public lands or public property.  We are to require our Law Enforcement Officers to "Understand Islam" in order to tdo there jobs?

What would achieve more positive results would be for someone to instruct the Muslim community in the principles of Understanding and Complying with the Laws of the Society, City, State and Country they are now living in.  Certainly the Muslim population need to simply be told by the leadership in all aspect of American Society that it is not we who must yield to them, it is they who must learn to get along with the rest of society they have immigrated to.

I would be absolutely willing  to conduct such a course and I would begin with a class based on the concept that the United States is not ruled by any particular Religion, and that no particular religion shall receive special privileges, and that in our country Islam does not rule and Sharia Law is incompatible with the Constitution of the United States.

What a startling example of double standard it is for the city officials to require a nonmuslim to walk into an Islamic Mosque, when according to the religious believes of non-Muslim Religions it would be a violation of the principles of those religions.
What is it that the police would actually be inside of a Mosque for?  Apparently to learn and have to listen to Muslims “discussed Islamic beliefs, Muhammad, Mecca, and why and how Muslims pray and the Muslims and the Police Authorities would be encouraging officers “to buy” Islamic books and pamphlets that were for sale.  Clearly this is a violation of the Police Officers own "Freedom of Religion" as simply being inside of a Mosque could violate his religious Principles, no matter how many local judge might rule on the matter.

Tulsa Police Department and the City of Tulsa first asked for "volunteers" and when "no one accepted" the Police Chief Ordered his subordinate Police Captains to require their men to attend a program inside the Mosque titled “Discover Islam Classes for Non-Muslims.”

Police Captain, Paul Fields refused to follow this illegal directive and also refused to order others to do so.  He is now being punished.  In other words the Senior Police Chief and the city officials in order to appease please the "Misguided and Shortsighted Political Figures in Municipal Government and the Muslims want to force non-Muslims to attend a mosque.

For those who are Not Muslims, and who just might be Christian and Jew, the simple stepping of a foot inside a Mosque is the same as visiting "The House of Satan".  No one can be compelled to violate their own religious convictions by walk into a Religious Establishment that is completely contrary to their's.  This would be equal to committing a "Sin" 

Now there may be some exceptions made I suppose when it is clearly in "the line of duty" such as enforcing the law, investigating a criminal act, but those instances are clearly different from this one.

This officer should be commended for his courage and everyone should speak out against the Tulsa Police Chief and the City of Tulsa.

Would a Jew be forced to walk into a Christian Church and receive classes and guidance in the Principles of Christianity simply because that Jew lives in the same country and society with Christians?  NO of course not and rightfully so they should not.  Same with Christians and Muslims. 

There is a little practice the Muslims like to keep secret from the Non-Lumslims, who they call "infidels".  When unsuspecting visitors do fall for that "Outreach of Islam" nonsense to the people of the Hoste country, it alwasy seems like they are just seeking civilized and peaceful relations.  This is the first mistake and one of the first steps of the Muslims in the country and lands that they hope to one day Conquer and it is a well laid deception to those who are no aware of it. When you first enter into the Mosque, it appears as though they are giving you a guided tour and a walking lecture on the subject of Islam. 

At some point through out they quietly announce they will be conducting a "Prayer" and imply that, "we all pray to the Same god".  However their Allah is in fact NOT the same GOD as the Christians and Jews.  Now of course the prayer is in Arabic. 99.99 % of the English World does not understand Arabic, so of course you are NOT going to understand of word of what is being said.  It is in fact NOT a prayer at all.  What it is is an affirmation of sort, in which the Islamic Cleric is essentially saying something to the effect of, "All those who stand here today before the one true god, Allah, hereby denounces the former religious beliefs and affirm that they are from this point on a MUSLIM and by penalty of death is irreversible.  Anyone here who therefore does NOT  affirm this will now speak up.  No one speaks because they do not understand a word of what has been spoken or sort of sung in prayer form.  The unsuspecting audience is of course silent out of respect for the particular religion and they have no idea of the trickery and deception or that by their silence they have denounced their GOD and renounced there own religion. 

Now one can argue that because they were deceived this is all null and void and is NOT valid as though it NEVER actually happened.  However others may have a very strong religious convictions to the contrary.  Additionally to the Muslims and their Cleric this has been a victory for Islam.  Now the Arabic Speaking Muslims themselves will never admit to what I have just informed you of.  I have for about 30 years now had many friends within the Christian Lebanese Communities who have informed me of this Muslim Practice of Deception and I also have friends within the Jewish Community as well, who do Speak Arabic and they too confirm what they Christian Lebanese have taught me. You see this entire deception, ordeal and ritual and act is to "break down the resolve and devotion of the Christians".  Makes it easier for the Muslims to later say, "well you already denounced your GOD and your Religion" so you too are Muslims already.

You see my friends The Quoran specifically gives the Muslim permission to lie and deceive the Infidel as a matter of fact the Quoran even encourages it, and this is exactly what they do.  

Why is it that we Non-Muslim Americans should be expected to yield our rights, culture, religons and beliefs in order to appease the Muslim immigrants to our country.  If Muslims are incapable of complying with the laws of our land upon Religious Principles, then do not come to America or any non-Muslim Country in the Western World.  Stay in the Islamic Countries.

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