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Let's all take a little stroll around Realville, USA, shall we?  (I borrowed that term from Radio Talk Show Host, Rush Limbaugh.  I have for all these years been saying that we the common people live in The Real World but I prefer Limbaugh Term.) -

In African Countries such as the former Rhodesia and South Africa where white people had migrate to and colonized,  the black people have completely taken over, run oput most of the white population and imposed black majority rule.  Slaughter of those white people who were left is common and rape of the white woman is even more common as is openly assaults against all white people.  If you are white in those countries disrimination is as common as breathing.  Where are all of the white liberals and leftists to come to the defence of those wrongfully being discriminated against and whose human rights are being violated?

Take a look at those countries now that blackl majority rule has been permitted, Rhodesia, now known as Zimbobwai is an economic disaster with something like 800 % inflation, a didtatorship by Mugaby who always been a communist and a black supremeists himself openely violating the human rights of his own black people who may not necessarily be of the same political party as he.   Mugaby's government openly encourages racial killing of all white people.  The actual amount of white's left in that country is at this time uncertain.  Where is the public outcry from the UN or any of the liberal humanitarian organizations?
Ticking Time Bomb already Here in the USA
July 05, 2014 - by Randal M. Bundy

Race Wars in the United States
Sign on the right shows the True Intent of the "New Black Panthers" and the "Black Liberation Movement and Ideology".

The Ticking Time-Bomb is in fact already here and those who are to blame are primarily the "Leftist - Liberal - Progressive" types of people and their social engineering.  For simplicity I will call them "Progressives" as some of them refer to themselves as.  It is in fact a "Progressive Ideology" that they do subscribe to, a "Progressive Agenda" that drives them.  However the first thing you, the reader must understand is that these people I refer to deliberately select words like progressive to confuse the masses.  After all as anyone on the street corner sometime, hey what do you think of "progressive ideas"?  You see the confusion here for the average person who is not really paying any attention to politics and social engineering?  Their response will be well sure I am for Progress".  Little do they know what they have just agreed to or signed on too.  The reason is quite simple, remember that the Communists of the past have regarded the mass population as nothing more than useful idiots".  Their words not mine.  Remember also that the typical tactic of the Communists have always been to disguise who and what they really are and to mask what their true intentions are. 

What happened some time in the 1960's the Traditional Democrat Party was taken over by the "Progressives". The traditional democrats who were still there became a minority in that party.

The ticking time bomb has already been planted and is continuing to be planted every day in the United States as well as in European Countries as well.  If I can see it and recognize it for what it is then I know that I am not alone and that many millions of other people see it too. 

All People have a right to maintain their own Racial and Ethnic Identity, their own Language, Religion, Culture and Traditions and the deliberate disruption of those rights by social engineering is in fact the ticking time bomb that has been planted in our society. 
Recorded history has tried to teach us all these valuable lesson, but those who have signed on to this so called "Progressive Agenda" of social engineering have ignored the fact that ALL people have a GOD given right to their own racial identity.  This included the White Society itself as well as those of other races. 

The majority of the "Progressives" are by the way primarily white people.  What they are deliberately engaged in is the Destruction of the White Race itself.  They admit this themselves, they teach this and advocate it, and invite all young white people to participate in the destruction of their own race and racial identity, but of course with all the other races they encourage celebration of their racial and ethnic identity.  

Immigration in the United States used to be such as to NOT destroy the Social Structure of the Country.  A certain percentage of people from European Countries, Asian Countries, African Countries and Countries from the Central and South American Countries.  In the 1960's somehow a law suit, claiming this process discriminated against people from third world countries worked it's way up to the higher courts and was successful.  The ruling basically gave an unfair advantage toward people of third world countries and discriminated against people from European Countries.  This also occurred around the same time that the Leftists-Liberal's came to infiltrate the democrat party and this too became part of the radical agenda of the Leftists.  In fact those on the left are responsible for the flood of Third World Immigrants into not only the United States but also all countries which are predominately White.  I have tried to point out over the years the hypocrisy of the mind set that seems to think it is perfectly fine and ok for Africa to be for the Africans, Asia For the Asians, South American For the South Americans, but when it comes to traditionally White Countries it seems like those countries are for Everyone.  Where is our Homeland?

I say Where is our Homeland because I constantly hear the Palestinians who argue that the Area which we know as Israel is their homeland.  This conflict between the Jewish people and the Arabs has existed for thousands of years.  Arabs who prefer to refer to themselves as Palestinians are free to live in Israel if that is their birth place, as long as they do not engage in hostilities toward the rest of the population.  However those little tiny settlements of Jewish Communities that were inside those Territories seems to infuriate the Arab-Palestinians.  In other words in Arab controlled countries and Jews, Christians and any other race or ethnicity is NOT tolerated or permitted.  There is of course also the areas known as the West Bank and Gaza which are Arab-Palestinian Governed.  But are Jews Free to live there?  No of course not!  Do the same policies of as assimilation with people of different cultures apply to those countries like it does in our white countries?  By now you should know the answer to that question.  As a matter of fact it is quite simple as the leftists-Liberal's would tell you Arab countries are for Arabs.

In African Countries such as the former Rhodesia and South Africa where white people had migrate to and colonized,  the black people have completely taken over, run out most of the white population and imposed black majority rule.  Slaughter of those white people who were left is common and rape of the white woman is even more common as is openly assaults against all white people.  If you are white in those countries discrimination is as common as breathing.  Where are all of the white liberals and leftists to come to the defense of those wrongfully being discriminated against and whose human rights are being violated?

The general consensus among the Progressives is that, "Africa is for the African people and NOT for those of white European Ancestry.  They of course base this completely upon race as all should know that white population has been in South Africa since the 1600's so they too can rightfully be called African.   The same holds true in the Asian countries, white French people who use to live in Vietnam were killed off or were run out for fear of their lives.  The general consensus  of the Progressives is “Asia is for the Asian people".  The same thing occurs in regards to Mexico, India, and certainly in any Muslim Country. 

So I say “Where is the Homeland of my White People.  According to the Progressive mentality it is not even in European as that too must be shared with Everyone Else in the world to take a piece of it, while we however are expected, of course to never utter a word of objection.  We are to tolerate such organizations that are openly racists toward us, such as La Raza and the New Black Panthers spreading their racist doctrine of annihilation of all white people, but we are to just accept this with out resistance.

I have also noted the same type of hypocrisy that is tolerated in our countries toward those very same immigrants who have fled to our countries.  Some come here as regular immigrants for economic advantages and other fled as refugees from tyrannical dictatorships.  Once here they assert their right to preserve there culture and not integrate among us, which is in itself tolerated by the Progressives and even agree with.  However if we white people present the same argument that we do not want to integrate with people of other races or cultures, then we are labeled by the leftists media and Progressive Organizations as being racists and white supremacists. 

Our communities which might contain a majority white is often referred to by those on the left as, "Too White".  and their purpose is to integrate people from third world countries into our communities.  What would be the response if we went to one of the predominantly black communities and said, "This community is Too Black"?  And we insisted that White people, Asians and Hispanics be integrated into this community?  How about if we went to one of the many predominantly Hispanic Communities and said, "This community if Too Brown" and insisted that White People, Asians and Blacks be integrated into the community?

If there is a single white person or even a black person for that matter, who does not recognize that most of those people from third world countries openly hate white people as well as black people, then they are in fact living a sheltered life somewhere in some gated community with an Armed Private Police Force, which we who live in the real world can not afford.  We live in "Realville, USA", to borrow a term from Radio Talk Show Host, Rush Limbaugh.

The Latino, Hispanic or whatever the preferred progressive term is today, is being encouraged by the progressives to essentially invade the USA.  This encouragement comes directly from Obama and the various Progressives who all seen to have their own motives for the destruction of the USA.  This of course is coming at an economic crisis in the USA brought on by Obama and his policies intentionally.  There is at present over 93 Million native born Americans who are unable to find any work, even though they are in fact able and ready to work and for the most part they desire to work.  However it has been determined that of all the jobs that have been created
since Obama has take office and deliberately initiated his economically destructive policies, the rate of lost jobs far exceed those that were gained.  Furthermore the facts indicate that of those jobs that were created ALL of them went toward Illegal Aliens.  Black, Whites, Asians and Hispanics born in this country did not share in any of those New Jobs that were created. 

Murrieta California Protests
White Society now is learning the true intent of the illegal immigrant is to invade us, outnumber us, live off of our welfare,  and eventially they intend to slaughter us all. The above photo is one small community of Murrietta California Protests against illegal Immigration.  The Progressive ideology is to infringe upon all white societies and disrupt and ultimately destroy our societies by integration and assimulation.

Let's all take a little stroll around Realville, USA, shall we?  
I borrowed that term from Radio Talk Show Host, Rush Limbaugh.  I have for all these years been saying that we, the common people live in The Real World but I prefer Limbaugh Term of Realville. - 

In closing The Ticking Time-Bomb is already here.  It was in fact planted by the so-called, "Progressives" many years ago.  Obama has just reset the actual detonator to go off earlier that the progressives originally intended. Obama does in fact have his own personal goals and objective that differ significantly from what the old leftists-socialist-communists of the 1960's had. 

For those who do not yet realize it, the Ticking Time Bomb is Race Wars.  Yes for many years now the various types of people in high places of influence and power who I collectively refer to as Progressives have sought to creat a war between the various races and ethnic groups.  At this point I do not see any way out of a Race War.  The only advise that I could at this point offer is for everyone to be prepared.  When push comes to shove, the individual has an obligation to fight to the death to protect his own people.  Is there anyone who is sane who could disagree with that.  Is it rational for any racial group or ethnic groups to just stand by while other racial groups have been taught to annihilate your own racial group?  I think at this point all people should have come to the realization that it is the White Man who has been the Target. 

The ideology of the Progressives even comes right out and says it.  You just simply have to sort your way through the double speak and deliberate confusion in order to understand and see it clearly.  You also have to understand that the financing of many of those in the mainstream media secretly from those who are themselves Progressives and have signed onto the ideology and goals themselves.  This even included most of the Public Relations Firms and Advertising Agencies, Talent Agencies, etc. etc and the list seems to go on forever. 

Conspiracy you ask?  Yes it most certainly is a Conspiracy of the most devious and sinister type that the general response from the population has been, "oh this could not happen here", it is all the imagination of mad men.  I say it is in fact the creation of Man Men and Woman too.  They are the Progressives and they have been working up to this point for over 100 years toward this goal. 

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