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3 Peas in the Same Pod - 3 Criminals in Prison Cells
by Randal M. Bundy - 25 September 2014
Obama, Holder, Lerner - Three Peas in a Pod
Obama, Holder and Lerner - 3 Peas in the Same Pod
I predict this is going to be only the first of many charges brought against the political Hacks that surround themselves around Obama.  Next perhaps may be Lois Lerner as well. Oh, My Gosh what information they might be willing to disclose just to stay out of Prison!  They both might start singling like little starlings. 

The dominoes may actually beginning to fall now and lead all the way to the white House Oval Office as well. However I think Holder and Lener both need to do some serious prison time for the crimes they have done.  I’d love to see both in Orange Prison Jump Suits.
Starling Whistles Mozart and Dixie

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