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The Reconquista Movement of Azteca is at its core a very rasict movement whose untimate goal is the anniolation of those of other races in order to cleanse the territory claimed by them.  That will include White, Black, Present day American Indians, People of Asian Ancestry and all others who reside in the area they lay claim to.

At its core, the claim of the Reconquista (“Reconquest”) movement is that the United States stole large sections of the southwestern United States from Mexico in the 1800s. Mexicans and other Hispanics making these claims seek to reconquer this territory by taking the land away from the United States and returning it to Mexico. The goal of the Reconquista is to “reconquer” these “lost” or “stolen” territories for “La Raza”—the race indigenous to Mexico.

How will the Reconquista be accomplished? Today, millions of Mexican illegal immigrants are pouring into the United States. None of these illegal aliens are checked in any way. They live in the United States while swearing their allegiance to Mexico. By their sheer presence and numbers, those in the Reconquista movement believe that a time will come when they can take political control of local communities where Hispanics are the majority. The ultimate dream of the Reconquista movement is that political control can be gained in one or more southwestern states. Reconquista activists plan that the states controlled by Mexican immigrants would secede from the United States and join Mexico, much as the southern states seceded during the American Civil War and formed the Confederacy.

Threats to our Country, Society and our People
by Randal M. Bundy - 12 October 2014
Threats to our Country, Society and our People
01 - Obama and his leftists.  Even when and if he is ever out of power, he will continue to be behind to lefts desire to hold power in our country forever if possible.  Obama and The leftists-Liberal mentality and their spread of ideology such as Multiculturalism is rotting the American of past greatness.  Now A shell of what it once was.

It is one thing to be from another country or origin and being proud of that, such as the Irish, Scottish, French, or choose your country and ethnic group.  That is fine, but this is not what we have today in the United States.  We have people from third world countries who are coming here, not to be Americans, but to participate in the destruction of America.  When I see full burka clad woman walking down the streets of any American city, I can not help but be angry at the so called feminist who have spent their entire lives screaming at American men for perceived sexist or discriminating behavior, yet with the Burka clearly symbolizing the degraded class of woman in Islam, not a word is hear from all of those feminists.

Additionally the illegal aliens who come to our country because their home countries are unable to provide an environment where they can provide for themselves,  Yet I see them are marching down our streets in protesting of our laws.  They demand we give them citizenship and the right to vote, while our leftist-liberal Government provides financially support them.  All the while I see them waive the Mexican Flag on our soil.  How more insulting can they be than that and how more stupid do our people have to be to tolerate such a thing?  I don’t recall ever in my life time any immigrant from European every doing such a provocative thing as I am witnessing from these third world illegal aliens from South of our border.

I must also include in that category the Muslims who are notorious for filing law suits against any American who dares speak out against Islam.  All the while freely enjoying the Fruits of American Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion, they seek to suppress and destroy those same rights for us, the native born Americans.

This is what the Leftists and their “Tolerance and Multiculturalism”  has brought to America.  This is what Obama has deliberately encouraged as part of his strategy of American Destruction.

02 -
Continued Racial Assaults from Radical Blacks toward Whites in particular.  There are many individuals and organizations who are trying to justify or excuse the ever increasing racially motivated assaults, mainly against White people in general by either individual black people or sometimes black mobs. There are also other individuals and organization which are actually encouraging these assaults.  They are people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, who benefit is various ways from  financially benefits,  media exposure and power from stirring up racial discourse by Blacks.   Sometimes the victims of these racial assaults are Jewish People and sometimes even Hispanic and Asian people. Some of these victims may also be targeted because they were thought to be white.  Others may actually be targeted toward them as a racial group as well, such as a Jewish Person wearing tradition Jewish attire or a yarmulke..

Organizations involved in the actual fostering of racial conflict knowing that it will lead to racial violence by Blacks toward Whites and other racial groups are:   The Nation of Islam, The New Black Panthers and even the Justice Department itself.  Through in-depth investigations it has even been discovered that the Equal Opportunity Division of the Justice Department under Eric Holder has played a major role behind the scenes of recruiting, organizing and financing of demonstrations and rallies which they knew would lead to violent attacks upon white people and other races.  The Justice Department is also notorious for NOT pursuing any cases involving Racial Assaults when the victims of those assaults are white people and the assailants are Black or other races.

In time this will lead to all out racial war between white people and black people.  Although regrettable as it will be, no racial group, white or otherwise can stand by and simply allow themselves and their people to be annihilated without fighting back with everything they have.  The results of this war are predicted to be very ugly and unfortunately unavoidable.

03 - The Reconquista Movement of Azteca - Flooding across the Southern American Borders of Mexico as part of the Reconquista Movement by “La Raza” which is a term referring to the race indigenous to Mexico before Spanish Conquest and settlement. This will also be combined by escalating racial assaults by Hispanics toward Whites and Blacks as well.  Sometime this movement is referred to as The Azteca Movement which pretty well means the same thing.  The fact is that most people of today who fall into the category of the Made Up Word Hispanic, really have no idea if the are descended from the Aztec or Mayan people of Mexico as their were many different Mexican Indian in that region who were actually enemies of both the Aztec and the Mayan.  But it doesn’t seem to matter as what this movement does is appeal to all of those Hispanics who are themselves simply racist toward white people and Blacks as well.

04 - Biological Warfare which obviously has be brought to this country intentionally.  Although there is no real logic in it for those on the left either, sine they too will fall victim to it.  But then we can not apply logic to what Obama and his leftist are doing.  Unless Obama and the leftists have some kind of immunization they somehow are keeping secret, then they too will die along with the rest of us.

05 - Economic Collapse - Obama and his leftists really do not care what economic hardships will occur as a result of what they are doing.  It is part of his over all strategy of scorched earth or the destruction of everything and rebuild from the ashes and mold exactly how they want.  Everyone will be dependant upon the for the simply bread they eat, so therefore just like the Marxists, there will be no opposition since even those basic need in life can be as easily withheld as it is given.

06 - Islamic Threats, although Muslim at this time constitute a very small minority, they constitute a great  threat from within our own borders.  When they feel the time is right, they will begin to seize territory and claim it as their own Islamic Territory.  Those who are non-Muslim in their territories before they have taken control will be subject to violent assaults.  In time as their populations increase more rapidly that others around them, they will continue to take land and push everyone else out.

07 - Most of all is the ignorance and naiveté of the General White Population of European Ancestry.  They are in fact far too tolerant, even at the risk of their own lives, their children’s lives, their own freedom of religion, freedom of speech and even the open destruction of their own society.  There "go along to get along" will be their destruction.  Until they get really angry and begin to fight back, then they will continue to be preyed upon one at a time.  When I see idiot young obviously liberals riding around in their environmentally friendly little cars with a "COEXIST" sticker on the back window.

and I just find myself tempted to stop pull on next too them and ask then why the don't go hand out those stickers outside the front doors of the nearest Mosques or Islamic Center.  Or perhaps display the following sticker on the window.

In case there anyone who can not understand the symbolism in the above image, the goal of Islam is to push every other religion into that 6 foot hole.... the grave.  So how can anyone COEXIST with that?

Muslim Youth
A pretty good depiction of the only way to "COEXIST" with Islam.  The drivers of those silly little cars with "COEXIST" stickers pasted on them should take a look at the true goal of Islam is also seen in this photo take at a Muslim protest march in London.

Non-Muslim Youth
I have even found one mind numbed robot who even carried his little "COEXIST" everywhere he went.  Now the only person this little guy will actually impress with his COEXIST and non-violent sticker will be perhaps the little high school or university girls.  Perhaps that's his true motive and purpose.  

When I see the American and European youth displaying their little COEXIST stickers, like the naive little middle class guy above right, it is obviously to me that it is these types of people who would be the downfall of any society.  This world is not a place that really tolerates weakness very easily.  While they are preaching peace, love and coexistence, the Islamic side is preaching Conquest, rape, plunder and slaughter.  One need only study history and pay attention to current world events to learn and understand that in any Islamic Country and Islamic Societies they respect only the man they fear and that is strong men.

The current situation in the United States is now getting to the point to where hostile racial relations will never be calmed down again.  It is destined to burn everything. I see this as a deliberate action on the part of racial minorities toward the white Christian populations.  That insert of Christians is because of the Muslim Factor which is also playing a part in all of this.

The outcome will be Racial and Religious War. I see it coming to that through out the entire world. France, Germany, Spain, and all of Europe, to include Britain.  When all of these societies begin to break down because of the tipping over like everyone trying to jump into a boat all at the same time, it will collapse..

Mexico is an interesting situation because the largest single Minority in Mexico is in fact people who can be classified as of White European Ancestry.   Their 1920 census confirms this. which was the last official census which was taken. It is a fact that is today deliberately suppressed by the Government of Mexico.  One thing I have always wondered about if the Reconquista Movement is actually successful, will they not also begin to make demands upon Mexico to return All of the land conquered by the Spanish?   I see great threats to Mexico and those who are basically the ruling class elite who are of either or both Spanish Descent as well as other whites of European descent and some even of American White Descent.  What will be there response to racial assaults by those who identify with the Azteca Reconquista Movement, which is really what it is all about.  So as a direct result of Mexico encouraging and sometimes even financing the assault and infringement upon White American Society, they too will be sucked into this same Maelstrom of racial war that America will fall victim to.

08 - Russia, China, North Korea and any of the others.  They are not our friends and never really have been. The Russians although they are very much like us genetically, they do live in a pretty rough neighborhood with over 1 billion Chinese staring them down on a daily basis.  The advantage that Russia does have is the  fact they have proven during the second world war, that they will be willing to see millions of their own troops slaughtered on the battle field in order to defeat an enemy.  Furthermore after defeating their enemy, they will ravish the land, plus in typical Viking traditions as their ancestors were, they will rape, pillage and destroy everything that their enemy had in order to send a warning out to whomever in the future decides to take them on militarily. 

China is the same.  They proved in the Korean war they could and would dispatch millions across the border in a tactic of pure brute force and watch them be slaughtered in order to achieve their ultimate goal.  Both of these two countries are essentially locked into a stand off and both understand the importance of strength and a willingness to sacrifice. 

Our leftist-liberal type politicians do not seem to have a clear understanding of all of what we as a people and a Nation are up against.  Furthermore the influence from the elderly Pacifist-Liberals types are doing great damage to our young people with their advocacy of tolerance, multiculturalism, and various anti-American / Anti-White indoctrination.  Some of them may be university professors peddling their deliberate subversion of our society and country.  They might also be Hollywood celebrities and producers all working to erode and destroy America at it's core, our youth.  

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