Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Thoughts on Survival - 02 - from a lecture given

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I have already written Survival and the Coming Crissis but I did want to present something a little different.  Something that would be a guide that would be updated often to new supplies, equipment, instructional videos, contacts and also various other like minded groups through out the US and Canada.

Some people might have learned from when they were children and were boy scouts, great as all the work they went through to achieven those badges will have not been waisted.  Those things learned way back then will actually mean the difference in the individual and any group they may be associated with actually surviving a crissis.  

When I first took an interest was while in the Military and attending various course known as Survival, Escape and Evassion.  I think that the evassion part of the course was as equally important as the other two, since the will be circumstances where the survivalist will have to be able to move undetected and unnoticed by preditors of the Human variety as well as the Animal type.  If there is a crissis of sorts, there will most certaainly be others who have survived and may find it much easier to obtain the things they need by steeling from unsuspeecting victims they may run across.  I'll get into all that in detail later but for now, lets start at the beginning.

Let's start with the Survival Kit, Bug Out Bag or whatever one might wish to call it.  Personally my bugout bag is quite simply by back pack.  It is not particularly large in size but can hold everything I may need for short trips or for the extended periods of time that I may be in the field or on the move.  In the Army I was a  Scout for various Batallions so I was always out front ahead of the main body of the forces.  Later after Recondo School I was a Team Leader of a Recon Team and we always travelled as light as possible but still carrying those items we needed to keep us alive.  Some things may be different in so far as what we packed while in a Combat zone and we may now need as basic survial items, but the principles are pretty much still the same.  Don;t be left out in the cost becasue you forgot to pack something you wished you had not forgotten or considered valuable enough.

Back Pack
Skyline 8.0
Mine is something I picked up years ago at a big cheep department store.  You can probably imagine which one I am talking about and since I don't get paid to advertise for them, I'll leave it to your imagination.  It is waterproof vinal, light weight and whoever designed it knew a little something about comfort while backpacking.  The name brand on this one of mine is called "Sky Line 8.0" and it's made by "Outdoors Products".  Now whichever one you have will be fine, including the military ones as long as they serve the purpose.

Military or Civilian?
Personally I try to prefeer everything except my weapons to be civilian make.  If which evacuation or movement through an area and I am observed by perhaps national guard troops or military, I prefer the think I am just some day hiker.  I can also blemnd much easier into a crowd of civilians during an evacuation.  I prefer to not even wear hunting cloths as either wearing military cloths or hunting gear will most certainly attract perhaps unwanted attention to myself.  Additionally I havbe found that much of the supplies and equipment is as equal in quality and sometime even superor to the military designed and issue items. 

Now let's talk a little bit about what I have packed in that back pack or what some call a bugout bag.  This is my Spring, Summer and Autumn pack and does not necessarily contain winter gear.

2 army style woodland camoflage ponchos, 50 foot of paracord, small 2 man tend made by Colman cost $25 at last check, Knife, Fire Steel, Pouch for Cotton Balls and small plastic jar of vasoline, first aid kit, sowing kit, gun cleaning kit with oil and cleaing wads, Small Compus, Solar flash light, Small Flash Light with spare batteries, Spear Fishing Sling Shot and Arrows, Small fold up hand saw, Spare soaks, shirts, pants. Spare ammunition for my AK and Glock Pistol.  Fishing Hooks and rubber bait.  22 caliber fold up survival rifle,

To be continued soon