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The Veterans Administration, Big Brother and Gun Confiscation
Veterans Administration Officials send veterans' medical information to FBI, ATF to facilitate gun seizures

The Veterans Administration, Big Brother and Gun Confiscation
by Randal M. Bundy 29 January 2016
In recent news reports I find more Reference to The Veterans Administration under Obama's Dictatorship advancing their gun control against those American Men and woman who have served our country and are combat veterans.

I have been warning for years now that no veteran should trust the VA especially when they are asked that simple little question that seems harmless, "Do you ever sometimes get a little depressed", Do you sometimes have thoughts about harming yourself".


I have read articles where Obama’s Government have made it mandatory where Doctors are required to turn over confidential doctor-patient records, which clearly violate the trust between doctor and patient, something that was unheard of before Obama's dictatorship.  I have also heard that the government is spicing it up by paying the high dollars for every veteran they can report, rather the reports are true or not. 

This article I have provided a link to above is just the most recent one.  I also hear advertising on the radio in which they use a country music singer who he himself is a combat veteran and no doubt has been paid very well by the Obama administration to encourage veterans to call in to this so called veterans outreach or something like that and self report if they are experiencing depression or thoughts of harming themselves.  Do not fall for any of these that are simple scams to being perpetrated as a way to seize your guns and violate your constitutional rights and the 2nd amendment.

I have also witness the Obama Government signing executive order that deprive Social Security and Veterans receiving disability payments to own guns, as guarantee in the 2nd amendment. 

As for myself, the last time I went to the hospital for an accidental finger cut that ended up in a few stitches, the nurse asked me an out of place question that had nothing at all to do with my injury,   "Have you ever had thoughts about harming yourself" or have you ever felt depressed".
Well of course I was already prepared for this ridiculous question since I am familiar with their tactics and real motives so my answer of course was truthful when I asserted, ""Hell No, I am going to outlive all my enemies and dance on their graves". I went on to say, "The best way to extract revenge from your enemy is “to be more successful that they are, make more money than they do and to outlive them all“.

Combat Vets especially keep one thing in mind, that person asking the question IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.

It not just vets that the doctors will now report, it is everyone they can and they will be enriching themselves financially too at the expense of your Constitutional Rights. They will also ask children who see the doctor for a sore throat if their parent owns guns.  Now why would you a question like that would be asked? 

Some people still think that "Big Brother" was just a movie concept and plot of George Orwell, but Obama has brought it to life.

As for myself, I guess I am just a laughing and smiling fool all the time, but I believe it may very well be normal for some combat veterans or anyone to occasionally feel a little depressed.  Hell if a person picks up a newspaper and reads what's going on in the world today, perhaps it would be normal to feel a little depressed.  I might more worried about their state of mind of anyone who would not feel a little depressed. 

But like I said I am just a laughing and smiling fool who never gets depressed and never things about harming myself and the reason quite simply is because I can always find a reason to wake up in the morning and besides many of my enemies are still out there who are still out there, alive and well so I can not yet put on my dancing shoes to dance on their graves. 
- Randal M. Bundy - 29 January 2016