The Real Conspiracy to Destroy the United States - by Randal M. Bundy- 31 August 2016
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We have no where to flee to, except Canada but they are on the same suicidal course thanks to Trudeau.  So I guess at some point just like in Lebanon,  war will be in full swing.  It will be either they live or we will.  Being Refugees is NOT in our History, DNA or Genetics.  This is our last stand. 

We are NOT the ones making this choice to fight though, it is the Muslims and their Leftists and Bleeding Heart Liberals sympathizers are making it for us.   
They could not destroy us without "The New World Order, Global Elite and people like George Soros too and the other Puppet Masters behind the curton.  So when the Muslims are removed from our Countries by death or by forced deportation,  all of the Leftists and Bleeding Heart Liberals may need to be reminded, they are the ones who invited them in, not us and they, the Leftists and Bleeding Heart Liberals are ultimately responsible for the war to come.  However we also need to go after the Puppet Masters behind the curton

We who are a free people can not be expected to just lay down and die or submit to enslavement and denial of our basic freedom and human rights which these Muslim bastards will be trying to take away from us.  No man or woman could be expected to. 

All my life I have heard the bitching and complaining from the liberals and the leftists who used to site their 1st amendment Rights of Freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of assembly.  They accused Conservatives, our grandfathers and fathers of trying to deny them these rights, when in fact what the leftists liberal protesters were
actually trying to do was to destroy our country and our society.

Now we have the very same bastards doing everything they can to deny these very same Constitutional Rights for us.  They try to tell us and those less knowledgeable that we, that the Constitution is Outdated and should be abolished.  That means all of the 10 Amendments known as the Bill of Rights which is the very basic foundation of Human Rights which they claim they are fighting for.  It was all lies for the past 50 some odd years and what they tell today is lies.  The never embraced any of the Constitution and Certainly NOT the Bill of Rights, becasue it is the Bill of Rights tat stands in the way of their attempts of Absolute and perminant Power for them and their leftists.

The reason they are importing Violent Muslims into our country is to use them as the enforcement arm to destroy our society and our rights.  They also are trying to enable them to vote when they are not even entitled to vote as they are NOT citizens.  The reason they are importing the illegal aliens from Mexico is again to increase their voting block of democrats.  You see even the most uninformed and stupidest of youth have finally figured out that over the past 8 years the democrats have done all they can to keep the American Worker unemployed.  Those who were at university 8 years ago and have no job have finally figured out they were conned.  The only way for the democrats to win an election is by rigging the vote counts and increase the illegal alien votes.  They even go so far as to try to impose laws forbidding authorities from checking ID at the polls. 

How else can we determine if a person is legally entitled to vote unless we check identification and citizenship papers for any of those who are in question?  Maybe just take them at their word?  Sure the very same people who have committed crimes by violating our immigration laws should be completely trusted at their word, that they are legally entitled to vote. 

So that is in fact the State of Affairs in this country right now.  Now if you live in a small secluded town, village or community you may not even be aware of the subversion that is taking place...but eventually you will wake up one day and the beasts will be at your own back doors too.