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The Coming American War on Four Fronts
Sunday June 29, 2014 - by Randal M. Bundy

American Destroyed Intentionally
I am going to be very blunt and spell it out exactly as it is and how most of the people are like sheep ignoring it.  If my words shock some people, then that's too bad.  If my words offend other people then my advise to them is, "stop being so damn sensitive and get over it".  If anyone thinks what I am saying is racists, but they never say a word against the Racism of "The New Black Panther's" who openly advocate killing white men, white woman, white children and even white babies, then they are either cowardly or they are sick and deranged hypocrites.  If they have never spoken out against the Racist Hispanic "Brown Berets" and their Racists doctrines against both Black and White people then they too are either cowardly or they are a sick and deranged hypocrites.  If they view multiculturalism as it exists today as anything other than the destruction of our culture, race and society, then again they are either cowards or they are a sick and deranged hypocrites. 

This war which we are faced with now is a war on four fronts and it is a war which has been created by the policies of the first enemy of our country which is listed below.

War Front Number One - The Fifth Column, The Enemy from Within
Obama The Destroyer

Our First Enemy in this war is an enemy of ideology, the Socialists, Communists, Liberalists, Progressives and whatever else the leftists may refer to themselves on any given day.  They are at the core, "Self-Hating and Anti-American and their goal is to destroy our country, abolish the Constitution and eliminate our American Republic itself.

Their actions and objectives make no sense to the sane and rational person, right?  Well that is because their leadership consist of  people who can only be viewed as mentally, deranged,  unhinged and psychopathic.  Think of it in that regard and you begin to see clearly what they really are.  Now their lower rank and file may be simple minded,  naive, brainwashed, young people who have not given much thought to what the leadership of their various movements truly have in store for the American Populous. These people are what the leadership refers to as, Useful Idiots".  The leadership knows exactly what is in store for the American People should they ever obtain complete control.  They intend to annihilate, in their own words, an approximately 40 percent of what they refer to as "unrepentant capitalists" and those deemed ineligible for "Re-Education Camps" that means those who are devout supporters of the American Republic as founded by the Founding Fathers of the United States.

Without the enemies number one above the rest of the enemies would not be dangerous to us.  For it is the enemy number one who is in fact opening the borders and allowing the flooding in of the hordes of enemies of America right here into our own country.

War Front Number Two - Enemy from Mexico & other Third World Countries

The Hordes of Illegal and Uncontroled Immigrants from primarily Mexico but also from Central American Countries and othe third world countries.
Illegal Immigration
Showing her appreciation for your financial support of you Tax Dollars paying for her and her familiy's Free Welfare, Foodstamps, Education, Healthcare, Child Births, Housing and Whatever else she wants.
Illegal Immigration
Showing their appreciation for your financial support of you Tax Dollars paying for their Free Welfare, Foodstamps, Education, Healthcare, Child Births, Housing & Whatever else they want.

If you do not understand that illegal immigrants who have usurping the established procedures and violating the immigration laws of our country are in fact a National Security Risk.  If you do not understand that these floods if Illegal Immigrants being permitted by Obama and his legions are placing our entire American Population at risk of disease from the lack of medical screening procedures, then you are suicidal and yourself a threat to the National Security of our Country, our people and our society. 

If you can not understand that the true intentions of the hordes of illegal immigrants flooding across the border, have stated very clearly they intent to overwhelm the American Populous,  replace or annilte the White and Black Races and reclaim what they refer to as the previous Mexican Empire, then you are  hopelessly naive and a danger to all who share this country with you.

The reasons for Obama and the Democrats Party in general to deliberately Not secure the border and enforce our current Immigration laws, is quite simply the Democrats know that they do not have the support of the majority of American people.  Even their former support base have for the most part come to realize that their policies are destroying the country for them and their future descendants.  The democrats now have to resort to trying to bring in  hordes of illegal's from third world countries to add to the already millions of illegal’s who are here and hope to be able to either pass laws granting amnesty and immediate citizenship and immediate right to vote, Democrat of Course.  However the Congress will not do this and Obama now threatens to grant amnesty with a stroke of the Executive Pen, which of course violates the Constitution which he has by now done so many times it is hard to keep track of the exact number.  If these illegal’s are able to be rewarded for committing crimes against our long established immigration laws, it will mean that the leftists-Democrats will forever rule this country and those who are seeking to preserve the Republic itself will have been defeated .  

War Front Number Three - Islam and The Muslims
Islamic Wars
Muslims who bring with them Sharia Law and their self proclaimed goal of Islamic World Domination,   suppression and annihilation of all other religions and those who refuse to convert to Islam.  Muslims Hordes are a very serious and militant threat to the United States and the many different types of people who live here in the United States with detersive religions, all of whom are tolerated, but are targeted for extinction by the Islamic Hordes.  This has been the Islamic Stated Goal for over 1,400 years of Islamic History and they have never retracted that goal.

Such is the case with Islam and Non-Islamic Religions.  Islam has been at odds and at war with every other Religion in the entire world for the entire history of Islam itself.  What on earth are those who are charged with protecting the country and it's people thinking when they allow Muslims to immigrate to this country?  The are essentially allowing the invasion of the Islamic Army who will wage war against the host country and it's people.  The justification for excluding Muslims from immigrating to this country is quite simply a matter of National Security."

War Front Number Four - Racist Black Power Groups

New Black Panthers
The Racist Black Power Groups, such as the New Black Panthers, The Nation of Islam, and many others whose racist doctrine is aimed at the White Race.  Also included in this category are the many "race baiters" who profit from racial unrest and discourse, such as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton, to mention only a few. 

I do not consider all Black people to necessarily be the enemy, however if these above mentioned groups and individual agitators passing themselves off as Community and Civil Rights Leaders and groups have their way, then their will be a race war between the White and Black Races. 

Reasonable people within the black community are not in favor of these groups and individuals and they see the devastation that will come of it.  However if it does come then none of us will have much control over it and "When Push Comes To Shove" each will have to fight for their own people.  Anyone who does not, will be considered a traitor to their own people.

So there you have in a very short little article the sum total of what cowards will not admit, what we are in fact faced with here in the USA.  My sincere encouragement is for all to be prepared for this war, because it will be like a war this country has never seen before.  It will be much like Lebanon, for those who have studied the root cause of that war. 

The things that elitists in Government power do not seem to understand or who are sheltered from the results of their ignorant policies, is that you can not throw people of divisive background into a country and then expect all to just smile and be happy together.  Most of these elitists themselves live in gated communities with well armed security forces and will never have to deal with the mess they have made of the rest of the country will have to suffer from.  You would think that they would understand that eventually even there own children or grand children’s and ancestor’s will suffer the results of their stupidity of political and social policies.

US Break Up
US Break Up


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