Ted Cruz - The Puppet on Strings - by Randal M. Bundy
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Ted Cruz - The Puppet on Strings
by Randal M. Bundy
Ted Cruz - The Puppet on Strings by Randal M. Bundy
Ted Cruz to Donald J. Trump supporters: Trump is going to betray you.

Yes Ted Cruz is insane. That is the only conclusion I can come to. Or perhaps he was always a "Manchurian Candidate" and failed in his Primary assignment to "fool the right wing into voting for him" and then he would put the final nail in the coffin of the USA. Given suspicions of his own fathers anti-American Past son could have inherited that same view. Whatever it was thankfully enough Conservatives just did NOT feel comfortable with him. There was always something about him that to me just seemed disingenuous.

So since he could NOT accomplish his primary mission, now they have use of him to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of Trump supporters. Someone is paying a lot of money for Cruz to spend all this time and effort to bash Trump. We all know that Senators just do not do something unless their are contributions involved for their reelection funds. I think the New World Order and the Establishment GOP are as scared of Trump and the Democrats are.

GOP seem to be content on loosing to the democrats every election. As soon as one of their actual candidates begin to pull ahead in the polls, some traitor like John McCain or Lindsey Graham show up and begin to bash them to drive the polls down so they do NOT Win. It is obvious to me that Cruz works for those same people, the GOP establishment and the NWO folks and probably even the democrats, their pretty much all on the same side. Think of it like the Harlem Globetrotters. They have a teem the constantly play who travels around with them. This unknown teem always looses. It is prearranged as part of the show. That teem does not complain, they get paid to loose. They are always showed as a good basketball teem, but they will never win. The stars are already pre-selected as the Harlem Globetrotters. It is the same with the staged Wrestling Matches, the wrestlers all know each other, are colleges and friends and really all work for the same organization, the WWF or whatever. Just like the Globetrotters, it's all entertainment for the masses.

Now sometimes in politics, they do allow the republicans to actually win, but the republicans are working for the same side really as the democrats. They seem to have had this little collaboration going on for as long as I have been alive. But out of nowhere really, Trump comes a long and throws a monkey wrench into their little finely tuned political machine. The real people, the ones the political class consider and even refer to secretly as "the Little People" at this time in history have had enough of it. They may not understand everything the way I and others do but they do understand when the have been lied to, deceived, betrayed and treated as idiots.

So Trump stands a very good chance to win, so now the NWO and the Establishment GOP and Democrats are in overtime mode to cheat and rig the election and since they have the media in their pocket too, the media too is on board in the scams. Let's also NOT forget that since Obama has been running the show, the CIA received sanction to pay the media for propaganda purposes. Little known fact and most people have no idea that the Intelligence agencies too are a part of that same Political Establishment and on board with the NWO.