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Take Back our Countryfrom the Marxist-Socialists Tyranny
 of Obama's Political Hacks
by Randal M. Bundy - 03 November 2014
Obama The Tyrant
All across America the Resistance has been active now for the 6 years of Obama's Tyranny and now it "come down to the wire" on Tuesday the 4th of November for mid-term elections.  The Resistance has actually been active for much longer that the past 6 years.  It began gaining in speed, intensity and power in 2006 when Democrats tool majority Control of the Senate and the House and we have had to put up with the malignancy of both Harry Reid and Nancy Palosi and their personal Marxist Ideology.

Obama did not create the Agenda to destroy America, it was already alive and fighting long before he came onto the scene.  It was that Anti-American agenda that created him.

I read in the news today that Churches all across the United States are openly defying the IRS and are endorse Republican Candidates and are daring the IRS to sue them.  Their participation is due to the fact that Obama and the left are in addition to being Anti-American are also Anti-Christian/AntiChurch.

This is the Resistance spans all aspects of American life and society, it is alive, it is across the entire United States and it is in every household from LA to NY and from Detroit to Miami and all points in between.  The Resistance will not be stopped my fellow Americans, my fellow Patriots.  Get out and vote on Tuesday.  I intend to vote straight line Republican.  Not a single Democrat deserves our vote, since they all have supported Obama's Deliberate Destruction of America. Therefore they can not be trusted ever again.  All one has to do is consider the past 6 years and the 2 years before that and ask yourselves, are you and the Country better off now that before these bastards ceased power?  Vote Republican.

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