Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Water For Survival
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How to Make a Survival Water Filter
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Solar Shower
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Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Well unless you have a water filter as I do that will filter the water of not only dirt and mud found in typical rivers and streams along with very harmful Microbes.  Or perhaps if you find yourself stranded at sea but even then all of the sea survival kits that I know of now days has a desalination kit with it.  Obviously you can not drink sea waater without first eliminating the salt.  For our purpose here in this survival guid we expect that your survival will be right here on land where you will probably already have water sources that do not have salt in it.  These sources of course will be from streems, creeks, lakes and rivers.  In some survere cases you may have to use that suvle I told you to make sure you pack so that you can dig down a foot of so where you will find a good source of muddy water.  These video will show you how to use items you will find all around you to clean up and filter that muddy water so that you can drink it, clean yourself with it and use it for cooking as well.

A far more convienient way to be prepared is with any of the available water filers for camping,  hicking and survival.  There are many water filters available on the market and I have tried the all. What I look for in a fater filter is the same I look for in all of my survival gear.  I cosidering price, quality, convienience and time it takes to actually filter water so that I can drink it, use it for cooking, bathing or cooling down in the hot summer.

Sawyer Mini Water Filter SP128
Sawyer Mini Water Filter SP128Sawyer Mini Water Filter SP128
Sawyer Mini Water Filter SP128Sawyer Mini Water Filter SP128

I have tried the other water filters for hikers and backpackers which are the ceramic filters and they take too much time and effort to actually pump a liter of water, I found them more expensive by 4 times what the Sawyer costs, heavier in weight, larger in size and less efficient, and they take much longer time to fill up a canteen.  Rather I am hiking or in a survival mode in the wilderness, weight is a considerable factor and the speak in which I can filter the water is equally important.  For me the Sawyer Mini Water Filter SP128 fulfils all my needs.  The advertised amount of water it will filter is 100,000 gallons of water, yes that is not a typo mistake.  If the average person consumes 3 liters per day drinking water, then by my calculations this filter will last the average person 93 years.  Hell for the price of somewhere around $25 - $35 dollars go ahead an buy two just in case you live longer than 93 years or buy one for each member of your family as part of their survival gear.

This filter also has an easy method of cleaning the filter by "back flushing" it.  Along with the filer is a syringe that attaches to the filer and with water in the syringe you press the plunger and it removes any particles that could block clog up the filter.  You can see an image of all that comes with the unit.  It is very compact and will fit into a pocket on you backpack, or in your vehicle glove box or a shoulder worn bug-out bad.

Everyone should have the knowledge of how to accumulate those items needed to filter your water, in the even that you loose your water filer, or if you failed to buy one in order to be prepaired.  Items needed for filtering water:  sand, grass and some small stones and even then I would always recommend boiling the  water just to make sure..

Without water you will be dead is a very short time.  The longest time you can expect to survive without water will be three days maximum.   However at that point you will be so dehydrated and incoherent that you could be laying within 10 feet of water and not realize it or be able to make it the ten feet to obtain it.  There may be some variance depending upon the weather conditions and you general overall health at the time.  In the winter time I would say that water should be your second priority.  Shelter will be the first.

Now if you do not have a water filter or you have lost yours, well them you must know how to filter the water from natural materials found in the wild

So how do you find water?  Well depending upon where you are at the time depends upon how easy it will be to find it.  Hopefully you have prepared somewhat in advance as most of us have, with spare 5 gallon containers.  If you are on the move, for reasons of evacuation,  water must be one of your main priorities.  Disregard that and you will come to learn why I have emphasized it's importance.

These videos I have selected because they will teach you how to obtain water, how to make sure that it is clean and pure and why you must always be cautious and take precautions before drinking any water found in a stream or a river. 

Rather you are on your own or with your family or a small group of fellow survivors, water will always be your concern.  If you do not believe me then in the convenience of your home right now while you do have running water, take a little experiment.  First off go to the local department store, find the camping department and buy yourself two 5 to 7 gallon container which are designed for use in camping.  Take them home and fill them with water and instead of taking a show or using tap water for any purpose, be it for cooking, shaving, drinking, or whatever, instead use the water from these containers.  Do this for the entire day or several days.  You will find out very quick that we have all become very spoiled with the modern convenience of having water flow from our taps coming into the homes.

In a true crisis there will be no water running into your home and their will also be no electricity, but I will get into that later.  So you have let's say 2 7 gallon containers full of water and you are ready to rough it?  No your not.

Consider if you have let's say a family of 4, yourself, your wife and two children.  Well first off there are several things to consider,  drinking water, yes absolutely essential to your health, especially during the warm season when you will be sweating a lot.  Hygiene?  Absolutely!  A critical part of not only your health but also your moral in this crisis.  I learned this when I was in the army and we were in the field, far away from any conveniences of civilization, including running water. 

Water is your body's principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on water. For example, water flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to your cells and provides a moist environment for ear, nose and throat tissues.

Lack of water can lead to dehydration, a condition that occurs when you don't have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.

Now if you are in fact sheltering in place during a crisis, you must figure out a way to acquire water.  It is a great idea to have water downspout drums connected to catch the runoff of rain water from the roof, however what about during droughts?

A family of 4 people will consume a large amount of water per day.  The amount of water need for the average man may differ slightly for woman.  I generally suggest at least 14 cups of water per day.  You as the leader of your family must monitor the consumption levels of your family.  Generally this will be something they will not necessarily be paying attention to. If you are a leader of a survival group, then you too must emphasis the importance of proper amount of water consumption.  You can calculate how much water your family of 4 will need for drinking purposes alone.

Now as mentioned above water for hygiene purposes.  There is no greater boost to group moral that a good shower or even a bird bath.  Now the amount of water used for, what is called a bird bath may be 2 gallons.  In recent years the is also a solar shower available at camping stores.  It is a great convenience  and holds about 5 gallons in a bag and has a solar heater attached.  Absolutely worth the small amount of cost.  I have about 4 in storage.  If you are on the road, or evacuation and you a camp set up, make sure to bring those out, select a tree, erect a tarp for privacy, fill the bag up with water and the sun will do the heating for you.  Now just like drinking water, you must be aware of how much water you and your family will need for showers or bird baths

If you are in a camp and you are using water from a stream, river, creek or wherever you can find it, do make sure you filter and boil the water.   I do have videos here which will instruct you on filtering water with things you can find in nature, but filtering may only clean the water of muddy, discoloration and it is still recommended that you boil all water consumed.  Consider also any scratches and scrapes that you will undoubtedly acquire from your survival.  Scratches and scrapes on the skin can be a source of entry for microbes which will lead to illness, the same as if you drank stagnant water un-boiled.