Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Survival Tools & Equipment

Check List
01 - Flash Light, Solar & Crank Charged
02 - Knife, Survival, Camping, Hiking & Self Defence
03 - Machetti or Hatchet,
04 - Camping Stove
05 - Compus
06 - Firesteel
07 - Folding Saw
08 - Water Containers or Canteens
09 - Tent
10 - Wet Weather Cloths
11 - Seasonal Clothing
12 - Shovel, Smalll Military Type.
13 - Cooking Kit, Portable, Camping Type
14 - Eating Utensils,  
15 - Pocket Knife
16 - Sowing Kit, Needle & Thread
17 - Standard First Aid Kit
18 - Water Filter

Introducing the Pathfinder Scout Hawk
Using a Compass : Navigation
Water Filter: MSR Hyperflow

Opinel Folding Saw

Tagged.. One tool I would choose to survive in the wilderness

Stone Age Man did not have the tools that we have now.  He also did not have metal.  He was entirely dependant upon the use of stones which he sharpend with other stones to make knives, hatchets and other tools.  His entire day was spent hunting and developing the tools he needed and keeping his fire alive.  

Today modern man has an advantage over the stone agen man becasue we can buy things right now in stores just in case all of our society crumbles or is just temporarily hindered.

Colman Camping Stove - Runs of Regular Gasoline - built in pump to presurise for faster cooking - fairly small and compact.  However keep in mind that a prolonged crissis will mean that you will not be able to store an indefinate amount of fuel for your stove.  LEarn to fabricate a stove which can be made from metal now for use later and also learn to make a fire pit of stones for cooking and warmth.

Colman Camping Stove
Fire Steal, Striker & Cotton Ball or substatute with cattail fibers,  dry leaves and grass.
Fire Steal
Ozark Trail Hobo Tool (Eating Utensils)
Ozark Trail Hobo Tool
Ozark Trail Hobo Tool
Ozark Trail Hobo Tool
Solar / Crank Charging Flash Light
Made by Energizer - It is a Solar Charged and Grank Charged Flashlight - Great for long terms in the Wilderness when you are not likely to be able to replentish batteries. It is light weight and fairly small.  I carry two in my back pack, but one should be sufficient for lone terms.

The Life Straw Water Filter
LifeStraw Water Filter
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