Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Miscellaneous Survival Tips

Discovering the Power of Pine Sap with Trapper Jack
There are so many things that are found in nature that people generally do not know that are a great aid to our survival.  If you have a survival group rather consisting of family and friends or a larger group everyone should be trained by the more experienced ones of what to look for in the forest that will be usefull in survival.  

Pine sap is one to start with.  Watch the video on the left and you'll begin to find yourself in that Survival State of mind that I often refer to.

two girls collecting pine sap from a fallen tree
Tree Bark / Pine Bark - Another great thing of course in Pine Bark or any tree bark for which can be eaten, gathered for firewood, or for shingles on a survival shelter made from fallen tree linbs or ones that you have cut with the saw which I do hope you remember to take with you, along with a small shuvel.

Cat Tails that you find growing in swaps, lakes or water logged areas alongside of a roadway.  The fiber you find in later summer through Early Spring is great for helping to start a fire.  When you find it gather it up, store it away and try to keep it dry.  Get enough of them to hep provide insultation from the coad in the winter.  Stiff them in your shoes to help keep your feet and toes warmer in the winter.

Clover growing wild
in along the hills, yes you can eat them like a salad, great to help prevent scervy.  

Danilions growing in the hills.  Remember rwhen they use to apoy you when you were striving for a perfectweed free lawn?  Well now the danilion is going to help to feed you and making a nice tea for your drink.

Wild potatoes - When wandering along a river bank to fill up your canteen with water or to take a quick bath, look for wild potatoes.  The Indians have been surviving on Wild potatoes for thousands of years.  They're strill growing wild as long as you know how to recognise them among the other vegitation you find along the way.  Wild potatoes too will be growing wild and will make a great meat substitute and source of proteen.  Wild onions, carots, berries and much more.  It's called being a gatherer.  When you and I were in school we all heard the term, "Hunter - Gatherer".  Study those tings that you will find within the geographical area that you do libve in now and what is close proximity to the location you are likely to be in.

Aluminum Soda Can - empty and discarted along the roadside.  Collect one or two. Polish with toothpast the bottom of an aluminum soda can until it is shinny.  Use it to focus the rays of the sun into a small dot, focussed on paper, cotton or even wood to start a fire. Make sure you keep that fire going just in case of overcast days with no sun.  You can also cut the top off a soda can and use to boil water over a fire.

Discarded items which you may find may also include, string or rope which can be used of course in camping, plastic tarp regardless of what condition it's in can still be useful in constructing a tent.  Cloth from a T-shirt or any fabric can be used to aid in building a fire or sown togeather also to help in making a shelter.  Of course in the deep wilderness man's discarded items may be harder to find whereas close to former habitated areas there will be more plentiful and easy to find.

Abandoned vehicles may still contain fuel and although the fuel may not be suitable to drive a vehicle could still be useful in fire making as well as motor oil which of course is also flamable.  Vehicles will contain a mirror.  Remember above when I told you about the use of an Aluminum soda can?  Mirrors can easily be used to focus the sun into a small dot and start a fire.  Soak a small piece of rag in motor oil or fuel and it will be even easier.  

Discarded clear plastic Water bottles or clear glass bottles, preferably with a lid on them but if not you can fabricate a tight lid. -can be used to purify water with these and leaving them for two days in the rays of the sun.  Half wrap them with aluminum works even better. Now you know what to do with any aluminum foil you may find or any thin sheets of aluminum.  Sheets of aluminum can also be used in the making of a solar still to increase the rays of the sun to purify water for drinking, bathing or cooking.

It should be also pointed out that one more very vital items to have in any survival bag will be thread and many needles for reparing ripped clothing and sleeping bags..

If you become a good survivalist then you will be able to scan while your walking and spot items which you will emediately be able to recognise as useful for roughin it in the wild or surviving without the usual comfort of civilisation.