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My SUPER Shelter Completed
by Survival Lilly
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Ozark Trail Scout Junior dome TentOzark Trail Scout Junior Dome Tent
Ozark Trail Scout Junior Dome Tent - Cost about $22.00

Survival Shelter
Light weight, easy to carry and setup.  Don't forget the tent pegs, 2 or 3 polls & paracord

Without shelter in the dead of winter or when the temperature is low, I have always instructed people that you can expect to survive possibly 3 hours exposed to the Elements, however this will can vary depending upon the weather and temperature around you.  It can also depend upon situations such as if you and your cloths are wet at the time that you find yourself in the wilderness or anywhere and you are unprotected from the elements. 

If  in the dead of winter, you fall into a river and you are soaking wet and the temperature outside is perhaps 20 degrees, you have maybe 3 minuets before you will fall into hypothermia and die shortly thereafter.   At all times, even when it is not winter, shelter is a priority and I place.  In the winter time I place it as number one in priority.  In the summer time I place it as number 2 in priority below acquiring water.  Hopefully you have prepared in advance and obtained a camping tent, or tarps in which to provide shelter.  If not the depending upon where you are will determine how easy it will be to create a shelter for survival against the elements. 

If you are in a heavily wooded area, you will find it easier than if you are in a desert environment.  Below and in the left column are some videos which will help you to understand the importance of shelter and will help you in learning how to create it from items which you may find naturally around you.

When it comes to shelter, the one I have chosen is the Ozark Trail Scout Dome Tent.  The reasons are several, cost, quality, weight factor, how much room it takes up in a back pack, and simplicity in setting up.

The cost of a tent is certainly something to consider.  Hopefully none of us will be in an emergency situation to where we would need to actually use them or at least not for any considerable lenth of time.  Camping tent prices range from this one at $22 and could be as high as your willing to pay.  As for quality, I am sure there are plenty of tents out there and avaiable which ar far higher in quality, but what I am looking at is something that will be suitable but not cost me an arm and a leg to aquire.  I have seen tents for several hundred dollars and higher.  Sure they are nice,  but for the price of the one above I  bought 3 of them.  My family is small, just 3 of us, but if there is a necessity soemtime in the future to evacuate from the area we live, then these tents will be quite suitable.  The material is vinal and it has openings for ventalation and air circulation.  During rain you can zip it up to prevent water entering the tent.  Also during winter, I have found that I can sleep quite comfortably inside this tent with just a light weight sleeping bag.  You are inside the sleeping bag and inside the tent, remarkable how comfortable it was even during cold winter weather.  Remember to always maintain even a slight ventalation in order to prevent depleation of oxigen., especially when using perhaps a heating stove.  This tent will accomidate 2 people side by side or one person comfortabley with their camping gear placed inside over night.

For shealter you can also use a simple plastic tarp.  I have one that is Hunter's camoflage in color.  However if all you do have is a blue one or any other color, you may choose to camoflage it with any of the natural brush you may find in the wooded area you choose for your campsite.

If you do find yourself in a survival situation without a camping tent or tarp then do not panic.  If you are in a woodland region there will be many materials around to create a shelter with a little time, effort and some physical labor in a few hours you'll have a suitable shelter.
Survival Forest Shelter
Another sutable material that could replace the leaves as seen in this photograph could be tree bark that is stripped off of the form shingle.  For more long term use a replacement could even be mud from in and around a creek or river area.  Shelter could also be river bed stones with mud as a morter.

The later mentioned materials would take several days of cllecting of materials which can begin shortly after you have constructed the necessary more imediately needed shelter as see above.