Survival and the Coming Crisis - by Randal M. Bundy Copyright 2014
Security, Safety and Hostiles

In any national emergency, such as what happened in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, security is a very real consideration for you and your family. The police and other authorities will most like NOT have control over the situation.  Your otherwise safe and friendly neighborhood may very well become a hostile and dangerous place for anyone to be who does not have weapons.  All of those leftists who for so many years now have advocated all society be disarmed will be proven to be absolutely false in there assertion that society will be safer with out guns.  People like me who have advocated preserving the second amendment rights of private gun ownership will be proven to be right.  People will become very hostile when they have run out of food.  Roving bands of thugs will be looking for easy targets.  There you are with your wife, your daughters and sons and all these years you have been a leftist anti-gun advocate.  Well you will find out very quickly why the founding fathers of our country included that little 2nd amendment in the Constitution for us.  They knew that in a crisis, the police. the military and authorities will be no where found.  You, me and everyone else will be on your own.   

Now presuming that you were one of those people like me who did make preparations with food, weapons & Ammunition. you now will be required to protect your family from harm and your food supplies from theft by those who were too ignorant to make preparations for themselves.  Yes perhaps even against your neighbors who laughed at you for being a "preper".  Well if you believe in the bible you will understand they laughed at Noah also when he built the Arc. so you are in good company.

Now in handling any and all weapons you must always exercise responsible handling, you must be cautious and careful.  It is a standard policy no matter what, to always be prepared but don't go off half cocked.  Use only in a life threatening situation.  Make sure the rest of your adult family also knows how to handle a weapon.  If there is a situation where someone is approaching your camp site, or you and you family, remember do not allow them to get close enough to you, where they could over power you.  Keep them much further than arms distance, keep them far back away from you.  If they are at arms distance from you, then conceivably, in one quick sudden move,  they could over power you. 

Hopefully you have bonded a friendship and comradery with your neighbors and like you, they too have made preparations.  Remember that eventually you do have to sleep but someone will have to stand guard against the roving bands of thugs who have no food or supplies and will kill you to take yours. 

At this point, there will be no law enforcement, they will be home in their neighborhood trying to protect there families too.  Do not rely upon government to come to your rescue, they will most certainly not be coming.  It will all be up to you.

If you live in the city, hopefully you have already evacuated to a safer location, because the cities will be the most medieval places on earth.  Gangs will control every block and you and your family do not want to be under their rule.

Security when evacuating
Hopefully if you  not need to evacuate your home and the community,  there will be somewhere to evacuate to.  Hopefully also you will have vehicles and more hopefully you have foreseen a crisis situation like this and have stocked up on spare fuel, preferably about 50 gallons.  However remember there will absolutely be no fuel stations open for you to simply drive into and top off your fuel tank.  If evacuation does become necessary due to the area you are in is no longer safe, remember there is strength in numbers.  If you have made trusted friends in the community you live in, try to evacuate in large enough numbers.  Consider the fact that most likely there will be no law and order, no police, no national guard, and the only security will be what you and your community provide for yourselves.  Yes it is a hard reality to come to grips with, but it may very well end up being true.

Do not necessarily trust those you may encounter along the way of your evacuation.  There will be criminal elements all around you and your family.  Keep close and never let your guard down.  Stay with those people who you have known within your community and who you are more likely to be able to trust.  There is of course no absolutes in a situation such as this and there will be some who you do meet along the way who are not criminals.  There will certainly be other people just like you who have found themselves in this same situation and will naturally want to gravitate toward other people for security and protection also.  You will have to decide at that time those who you will allow to come into your group.

When you are in an evacuation group, all persons must maintain security for the entire group.  Hopefully someone will be there with you who has either law enforcement background or better yet will be military veterans.  The entire group does not all sleep at one time but instead the group maintains shifts of people who are armed and guarding the group.  Always keep in mind that the criminal element will be, "scoping you and your group out".  This simply means that they will be looking for an opportunity to either kill you and take what you have or to victimize you or some other members of your family and the group.  Pay special attention to woman and children and remember that with no law enforcement there will be roving gangs of lawless thugs who will be willing to use brute force and kill you in a heart beat to obtain whatever they want, including woman and that means your wife and daughters too. 

If there is anyone at this time, who does not understand the importance of personally owned weapons as the Second Amendment States, then you are about to get your first lesson.  Those who do not have weapons are completely useless to you and the group and will be incapable of providing any security for themselves or anyone else.  Rather you accept them into your group or not, I can't specify here and now.  If you have extra weapons and if those who are unarmed know how to use them, then they can contribute to the group.  I am not saying to turn anyone away simply because they are unarmed but the ultimate decision will be left to those in charge of the group itself, whatever leadership the group has chosen. 

There will be a natural hierarchy within the group and the people who are part of the group or seek to become part of the group.  What I mean about this is people with Medical Knowledge and skills will be most desired such as doctors, nurses, dentists and medics.  These are people who although they may not have weapons, they are very important to everyone and any group would want the there and would provide the necessary security, food and shelter for them.  Their contribution to the group and everyone will be of vital serve to the group.  Treat them well and take care of them.  Also anyone who is knowledgeable of food, yes cooks.  A well known policy in historical warfare among armies, never kill an enemy cook, instead put him or her to work doing what they do best, let them cook.  Beyond that use your common sense, military or former military and law enforcement, sure always great to have these folks on your side and in your group. 

If you are evacuating by vehicle which is obviously preferred you should right now, before such an emergency have road maps in your glove box of your state and the states surrounding yours.  Keep in mind that an evacuation along the standard expressway of course is desirable, however there is a great possibility that these main routes could be clogged up with many people also trying to evacuate or abandoned vehicles.  If so then you can also consider the secondary roads.  The routes may even be much faster.  I can only envision a national emergency along a major city where everyone in the city with a vehicle are all trying to head south and everyone is trying to get on the expressway at the same time.  I have seen this before and the result is endless grid lock.  Those who do have trail bikes will be able to skirt in and out of a traffic jam and get through whereas those in a typical car or pickup truck will be going no where any time soon.  My choice is to have a dirt bike in the back of my pickup truck  just in case.  I do believe is, "contingency plans or back ups and you should too.

Security if traveling by foot
If you have to evacuate by foot, it is going to be a rough go for you and your family.  Maybe you do not have a vehicle because you ran out of fuel, your vehicle broke down or you had lived in a large city like New York and had always traveled by taxi or perhaps where ever you lived you never drove,  well now you have to go it on foot.  You will now be seriously restricted in supplies that you can carry.  Additionally the evacuation will be slow and it will be hard on children or the elderly and those who are not prepared for this physically.   Improvisation is a key factor here in this type of a situation depending upon the situation at hand.  For an example if law and order is completely broke down then the last of your worries will be if you took an abandoned vehicle that was still operating and had a full tank of fuel.  So the answer will be as the US Marines say, "Improvise and Overcome".

There is a very handy little tool to acquire that cost very little and every vehicle should have this along with standard tire tool and spare tire, a manual siphoning pump which can be used to siphon fuel from one vehicle to another.  You may find one in an auto parts store that is electric and plugs into the cigarette lighter.  Something like this will surly come in handy for an evacuation.

People you meet while evacuation
I have above mentioned about security during the evacuation and this also applies once you arrive at where ever you are evacuating to.  I can not stress the importance of strength in numbers but also to be very much aware of who you accept as new members of any group you are in.  Of course there will be many people just like you who do not present any threat to you.  However always be aware of the possible criminal or mentally ill people who will also be out there.